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Docker Managment

I been looking around and don’t quite see what i am looking for. I have used Unraid docker interface and love it, does something exist outside of Unraid? I want to play with Docker and add services like Lan-Cache that i cant run in a jail.

Are you looking for some kind of a web interface to manage docker containers? (as opposed to the standard command line suite of tools that lets you do/build anything)

How do unraid and lan cache relate?

Portainer is nice.

Build the Dockerfile yourself?

OpenMediaVault also has a docker GUI, but I think they are moving to Portainer.

I personally just ssh in and use docker-compose, which I find works very well.

I use Cockpit on my servers, so I use the cockpit-containers module.

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I’ll have seen Portainer i had mixed feeling on it, i’ll checkout cockpit.
I am not apposed to learning cl, right now i am trying to get my head around iocage jails. well jails are easy, its the permissions i have trouble with and realizing i cant run everything in them. so i would like to get my head around jails before i dip my toes in the another cl system i have to learn.

I setup a Fedora Server which comes with cockpit. so far i love the interface. Thanks for the tip.

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Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Building a docket just for my system seems retarded. It about sharing.

I can install software on my PC fine and use its updater to keep it current.

The problem with docker and snaps and flatpaks is you give others control over your software.

Will they keep it secure 1…Will they keep it up to date 2… Are they even competent or just some idiot on the internet. ?

I am still learning about Docker so i don’t know all the in and outs yet. The one thing i really like about jails is you make the jail and download the packages into it and setup. its really reminds me of a scaled down VM.
The real down side is not everything runs under BSD so I am just looking to fill the void. making a VM for every little thing you might run in Docker seems like a waste

Is there really that big of a difference between docker pull and docker build ?