Docker help

I am attempting to install Docker and Docker create, which I have done successfully.

I have then changed the directory of docker by following this guide

docker info | grep ‘Docker Root Dir’

Returns the correct directory that I would like to install to (A second HDD)

When running a script to install the app, I am getting this error

"Step 2/3 : COPY ./docker/my-dojo/mysql/mysql-dojo.cnf /etc/mysql/conf.d/mysql-dojo.cnf
ERROR: Service ‘db’ failed to build: error creating overlay mount to /mnt/hddtwo/docker/overlay2/41acb99c9fbc9539d207c3254e3339297cdbbfc13a8b3c176b305719914f1c30/merged: invalid argument
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That ‘COPY’ so sounds like you are building a dockerfile and not running an existing container.

Normal prebuilt containers from dockerhub work? What exactly did you do to ‘build’ the app? And since you changed your docker directory does your docker user you ran the docker command as have full access/permissions for /mnt/hddtwo/docker?