DoA/Defective Mobo?

So my MoBo speaker arrived earlier today and I plugged it right into the correct spot on the MoBo. I turned on my pc but no beeps at all the mobo led is on as well as all the fans on the case and components. I tried with each stick of ram and with no ram, the gpu was out for both tests and still no beeps could it be my mobo thats doa or defective?


Are you talking about this speaker? If you are, make sure its plugged in correctly. Red should be on the positive side, black should be on the negative side (check your mobo manual for the power connector information)

I triple checked it . Could my cpu be the problem? Because the SATA ports on my mobo work, my dvd drive works perfectly fine as does my HDD

Dud speaker or you plugged it in wrong. Could be a shitty connection in the unit. Can't be anything else. I've never seen a board have the inability to beep on post.