Do you work at night? And if so, why?

The last 4 days in a rom I have wanted to be up until about 4 or 5 AM. I have had to knock myself out with benedryl so much that its making my tummy upset. I’m not gunna be miserable over sleep.

What do yall have for reasoning of stayiing up at night for work? I am about to start working as a hacker full time and the old night engine kicked on because of it, I think. I am ruthlessly excited, and I want to work on a lot right now. But during the day I get anxious for some reason, idk. I deal with some mental issues too, so that could be affecting things as well.

Why do you stay up and work?

I have worked for a number of months now to fix my sleeping schedule so I would wake up at 8AM. For a while I had a split schedule sleeping 4 or 5 hours at a time, but I’m worried that will screw other things up. Should I message my doctor about this and ask them questions?

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0600 exercise (non negotiable)
0700-0900 range is a healthy breakfast and also assessing the prior nights journal entry to figure out where to pick up where I left off
0900-1600 Career job
1700-2100 work on volunteer work as well as professional organizational stuff
2100-2300 leisure
2300-0100 journal entries, conclude the night, check last minute emails, wind down

My advice is you work around your sleep schedule and also that you start to eat healthy. Lots of steps and personal health such as regular exercise and eating healthy can establish better routines which can help you establish other healthy routines and go further, But you have to do that. You can have all your vices and stuff, but the bottom line is the core of your day needs to be focused on healthy habits

You come before your career, not the other way around. And if you’re in a position where you don’t have a job that’s paying benefits, sometimes finding a lower paying side gig that does have some benefits that at least let you see a psychologist will help you with your mental issues.

As for why do I stay up and work? It’s because I want to and I enjoy what I’m working on. I don’t do it for any other reason. I wish I had some grand bigger than me reason but I don’t. It’s a selfish one. I enjoy what I’m doing. There’s really no one size fits all set of advice that you can learn from. In particular for me, I seek out hard knocks teachers and mentors that really push me and stress me to the maximum breaking point because that’s where I operate best. But that’s not for everyone and not everyone’s capable of dealing with that because they don’t want to. They don’t work their best at it. So what I suggest you do is do a little exploration. Find the balances that you need to work your best to entertain yourself to live life the way you want to live it, but balance is key. That balance is highly dependent on who you are and your body and your health. The healthier you become, the more you listen to your own body, the easier that balance is to obtain. So put yourself first. Not a career, not a place


My piece of advice at the end of the day to you is don’t attach yourself to a place or an organization or an idea of what you want to do or a title of what you want to do or a dream title or whatnot. Attach yourself to a mission. Attach yourself to a purpose that’s not greater than you. That’s equal to you or just a little bit better that you can continuously work towards and attain and refine everyday. Places come and go, but your purpose is here to stay.

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ATM I am not worried about bennies as I get some things from the state. Mostly for reliability issues.

I’m gunna stare at this over the next bit

Not to whinge, but its hard to nail a purpose when the few things you were identifying with privately get broken apart by ffamily members. Confidence in yourself is key to a happy life as well.

Also I do know that I can’t hold other people responsible for myu actions or attitude. I will state though, not being able to build your own personality and your parents building it for you makes being able to move forward difficult. I don’t ex[ect sympathy from people, but I’m not gunna suck up to anyone either. If I get bad I need to learn what to rotate to.

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So that’s why I said you need to attach yourself to a purpose. If it was easily broken by somebody else and it wasn’t your purpose, if you easily let it be broken by someone else then it wasn’t your purpose. It wasn’t the mission that you should have attached yourself to that you wanted to attach yourself to.

Look I get it. Life sucks and it’s a churn. If something is your dream, you go for it but also realize that dreams are not meant to be understood. Not anymore than tragedy can be averted. The thing about life is it happens to us. You learn to be grateful when it’s good and count your blessings when it’s bad and the only certainty in all of it is that it keeps happening. When the day is done the day is done. Let it rest

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Deadlines. And even that’s an unhealthy one. So actually none.

Anxiety from being close to deadlines or general unsatisfaction with what I did during the day.

What’s stopping you from doing it during the day when it’s more healthy to stay awake?

It will. If you don’t have consistant sleeping patterns you can’t function during day time, which leads to staying up more late at night to accomplish what you couldn’t during the day and so on until the end of times. It’s a bad spiral and I don’t advise you to get into.

Yes. But I wouldn’t go for medications because I can really relate to the excitement of a new thing coming up into your life and kill that buzz with drugs just to sleep at night would be terrible. There must be a way for you to get to keep that excitement and sleep at the same time.

I try not to sleep later than 12mn because i still have to drive the following morning on a freeway during weekdays. I wake up around 5am and prepare for work.

Its ok to sleep at early hours of the morning but you do have to consider the job you are waking to in the morning. Lack of sleep may kill me on the way to work or it may potentially kill some patients if I misdiagnose stuff. You can sleep really late but make sure you have enough time to sleep and wake up later in the morning.

Do not try to alter your sleep cycle with medications and try to sleep in a pitch black room at night.

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Regularly work at night it’s a matter of when work needs to be done vs preference.

I do find it best to front load your day when working midnights. Get all you personal stuff done first and the rest of the day is easier

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I don’t sleep… Mostly.

I sleep when I get tired.

When I had a “day job” I would usually go to bed at 3-4am. Wake up at 6-7AM, shower, train to work, Work all day. Go do stuff in the evening, walking everywhere (lived in NYC)

Back at home by 8pm-1am, sleep by 3-4am Wash rinse repeat.

As it is now. I sleep when I’m tired. Working from home, on my own schedule. It’s nice, but not for everyone.

Growing up where I did. The Sun doesn’t go down, or it set before we got home from school.
It was… interesting.

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I used to work 4am-12pm. That was nice, get all your personal stuff done after you get off work, because it’s the middle of the day.

When I worked 11pm-7am, that was more annoying. because Everything wasn’t open yet when you got off work. So, I concur, get your personal stuff done early evening. Then you are not waking up and going to work. Work is the middle-end of your day.


I used to work nights until necessity this year. Basically I worked the 1800 - 0600, 2200 - 0600, 0200 - 1000, 0400 - 1200. I am now on the 0500 - 1300 due to being the Lead IT left.

My preferred hours are the 1800 - 0600 ( due to the extra days off) and the 0200 - 1000. If you can swing a 10 hour shift and get an extra day off, it is great. When i used to work 10 hour shifts, I requested Sat, Sun, and Wed. off.

whoops wrong thread! haha

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On a side note it also sounds like you may have physical energy but no mental energy

There’s a lot of people that deal with that and the truth of the matter is it’s because they don’t get enough exercise in the day and also to boot their diet is not that healthy.

Here’s my suggestion to you. Even if you can’t fall asleep early one night, start waking up very early whether that be 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. And hit the exercise non-negotiably right then and there in the morning fresh air

Do that consistently and make sure it’s rigorous exercise. It’s going to be painful at first, but what’s going to happen here is that it’s going to force your body to realize I have the need to expend energy at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. I don’t care what it is. I have to be prepared for it and what’s going to end up happening after that is you. Both body and mind are going to realize I have to go to sleep and you’re going to go to sleep at better hours

You must do it consistently for a week before you see any kinds of results and I mean consistently as in every single one of those days. All seven of them. Once you start forming that habit start eating healthier and it will only make you feel a little bit more strong when forming this habit

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what time someone works as long as it works for them. The reality is for a lot of people that it’s quite unhealthy to work all night and go to sleep all day. Our bodies are meant to be awake in the day


For me, I only wake up early because I need to be awake for coworkers and family.

If I could have it the way the lazy part of me wants, I’d be up at 10am.

What I’ve found is that you have to wake up for you, and not for others. If the first thing you’re doing when you wake up is something for someone else, you’re doing it wrong.

So I choose exercise, like Rootz. I usually don’t have enough time to get a full workout in, so I’ll go for a run in the morning. There’s also something refreshing about an early morning run.

But FWIW, I believe that waking up early is much better mentally and physically than staying up all night. Nothing good happens past 11pm.


I could argue otherwise but I like talking to people around the world.