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Do you think we will see a 10nm Intel + 7nm Vega Hades Canyon successor?


Possibly even with samsung 7nm HBM3.

Or is it more likely for intel to use its own GPU in such a scenario?

I can imagine the power saving would really be nice in such a laptop. A man can dream.


personally i don’t think so - intel will move with their graphics forward on.


Isn’t that still about two years away? Granted I think they’d move to a 7nm Navi rather than Vega, but still, that’s next year.


I’m thinking, it’ll probably be delayed.

It’s their first real GPU after all, and these things get delayed all the time.


Highly unlikely, it’s too expensive and can’t compete in price/performance with nvidia solutions.


So how many Nvidia APU’s are there? :thinking:


Kaby lake-G is not an APU.



Okay, so how many on-package CPU/GPU combos does Nvidia have?

Only point here is there isn’t quite a parallel solution anyway. I don’t disagree the -G parts are expensive.


Didn’t nvidia make their own cpus with integrated graphics at one point. The tegra?


I didn’t say there was, but that’s what Intel is competing against, their own CPUs matched with an 1050ti or 1060, and they can’t compete in price, performance or power consumption.

That said, I think we will see a similar emib product in the future when Intel has their own GPUs(2020).


They still do for the nintendo switch and the some shield products.
The new one is used for automotive.


Eh? What planet are you on?

The Kaby-Lake G out performs the low end Nvidia 10 series discrete GPUs (1030) at much lower cost and lower power consumption. And smaller physical space.

If you’re comparing to 1050 or up, you’re in a totally different price segment.

Plus, this is on package and takes up a lot less physical space, making it suitable for notebooks, etc.


What is kaby lake G’s main use case? Laptops.

What are the price/performance of those laptops compared to a 1050ti/1060 dgpu laptops? Worse.


And what is the form factor / cost of 1050/1060 laptops? Much more.

You are comparing apples to oranges. This is not intended to compete against 1050 or 1060.

This is to provide a much better option than intel iGPU at minimal cost/power/thermals/size increase. The entire kaby lake G package has similar or less power consumption than a 1050ti. Definitely less than 1060 or 1050 plus CPU.

If you are considering 1050/1060 powered machines you are not the intended customer.


What is the cost of a kaby lake G laptop again?


Now we’ve gotten off the original question of a 10nm Intel/7nm Radeon part, neither of which we’ve seen yet, and certainly can’t speak to performance or power envelope requirements.