Do you think they will ever make another season of high school of the dead anime?

they just left me hanging at the best time.please let me know what all of you think

Probably not. If you want a more fulfilling package of that series, you'll have to read the manga. It goes on a lot longer than the anime.

The anime did not do great in Japan, but overall did great in USA, so the company that produces the anime will most likely cut it or release an OVA that sums up the ending.

that sucks.the great shows never last 

sure man, he's doing a manga called Triage X, after that I guess..

thanks for that.a renewed sense of hope again lol

I watched that a few months ago, entertaining anime.

Season 2 info Here

I talked to a voice actor over the weekend and asked about it. They said it probably will not happen soon because it did not go over to well in japan.

it did not go over to well in japan.

That kinda restores my faith in humanity. Would be good if this became a trend. 

I would really really love if they would release 2nd season but It's 2015 now and nothing is out. As much as i hate to say it I think they abandoned the anime with the manga. The creator was apparently ill for a long time which was preventing him doing any work.

The fact that H.O.T.D didn't do well in japan just shows japanase consumers have bad taste in anime. They preref stuff like Freezing where the main character is useless pussy. Or SAO that is full of incest. Fucking japs.