Do you qualify for a free HD 4650?

I had an 1800 so I qualify and am going to tree and do this.

Just hope that there are less then 55,500 people to claim their Free HD 4650. : D

damn, mine was a x1300 by VisionTek =[ oh well...

Mine was sapphire X1950pro, and I'm in the UK so i guess i don't qualify :P

i think the one that came with my dell was one of those.
so mabey.. =D

I guess both my personal cards were sapphire. though the 1800 I took the sticker off which made it look 100% like the ati one. I need to hit my old boss up as we had some old ati cards laying around, and find one that'll work.....

well then

think of it this way... you already have the features you payed for
you don't deserve another video card

 oops i quoted the wrong person... my bad...

anyway i found an old x800 back from 2004.... so yay

no one deserves anything, we have to take it!

lol dell only had a X300

never owned an ati gpu in my life

then you should of never posted in this thread.

I only got a radeon 9000 :(