Do you pay for "Linux 365" or "FOSS 365"? If not, we should!

I really hate the direction Microsoft is going, if they sold Windows 7.5 with the newer Windows 10 features like support for newer CPUs and APIs but have the Telemetry of Vista and before, but MS would rather treat their paying Customers like they're Arch Linux users and sell their data and pump them with ads while the only way to get MS to treat you an LTS User is to pay for Windows Volume Licensing and get LTSB and pay for Windows 365.

I can't stand SAAS and I feel If I have to pay a subscription for Software be it an OS or creative applications, I'd rather have that money go to FOSS Projects. That's what I plan on doing, starting January 1st, I'm going to start to pay for Gimp 365 and Kdenlive 365 and maybe Ubuntu 365 and I think it's a great idea and I think there should be a "FOSS 365" subscription site where it works like Humble Bundle, they give you sliders where you choose how big of a piece of the pie the projects get, give the site a "humble tip" or even to choose exactly where it goes like a feature bounty pool or to pay for an Evangelist/Tutorial Guru/Community Manger like how YoYo Games pays Shaun Spalding as a Community Manger and Canonical used to hire a guy that was a Linux Youtuber it was his job was to create memes and tutorials and to lobby for Ubuntu. So, if people paid for Godot 365, you could help Godot become more feature rich and they could hire an influencer that's also a game dev, creating more resources for the community and expanding the community and thus expanding funding.

Money talks!

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I was thinking of something similar today.

Something like the FOSS completion project, basically single out Windows programs that are minor but highly useful and have no linux alternative. The goal would to be pick a program, fork or create a project and develop it till its at feature parity with the Windows counter part, this would obviously ignore certain large programs that already have FOSS coutner parts (like office, Photoshop etc).

so like take programs like Musicbee, mp3tag, dbpoweramp, then develop a feature parity Linux version. Since thats whats keeping me on Windows atm, the fact that those apps aren't on Linux and none of the FOSS alts come even close.

Well, I use Picard with varying degrees of success. Some of my CDs are obscure, but hey, it's cheap music.

I've been recommended software like Easy tag. But still doesn't come close.

I've been using kid3 for a while now. works perfectly for just about everything. FOSS and made for Linux.


arch wat?

you mean like the whole ubuntu amazon thing where by default it would communicate with amazon to get search results for the unity search thing?(was only for little bit people flipped and newer versions shipped default its not to do that)

if you dont like saas maybe dont do subscription then and just do lump sum? most opensource software projects ive seen have a donate button

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I feel SAAS for proprietary software is a "rent only model". If the industry is going that way, I'd rather have that money go to a good cause instead of guys in suits.

dunno, people have done it for av for quite awhile already but idk. i dont have any of that software :p

Im still waiting for the devs at media monkey to release their linux version...
have been for many years.

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If your goal as a company is to make money, and have an accurate prediction of how much money you are actually making then SAAS makes a lot of sense. Where they can know each given month how much they are making from software and not have to do estimates with projections.

For FOSS it doesn't make sense be be SAAS. It defeats the purpose. The whole design is to have service as the selling point, and the software for free.

Ubuntu/Canonical already does SAAS, it is called Landmark.

All the major enterprise distros you can pay for support and services.

Smaller projects you can donate to directly.

Simply filing bug reports helps. Spend a couple of minutes and give feedback.

Free as in freedom software isn't free as in beer, it takes time and time is money and in order for it to be completive with SAAS like Adobe, the few patrons they get pay the development. I find it stupid that we as a collective pay entertainers that play video games for a living more than we pay Kdenlive or Gimp. FOSS funding is like PBS, not everybody pays, but every little bot helps and I'd rather see people donate monthly to Gimp or Kdenlive than the Level1 Patreon. I think those software provide a more valuable service than another tech channel that talks about the same shit. That's why I unsubbed to Joker and Paul's Hardware.

Yeah you make a good point. I've thought about donating to the Freesoftware Foundation. I wouldn't find myself donating to kdenlive or Gimp though, as I do not use those tools.

No, fuck no! They mostly spend their on lawyers so they can sue people for GPL Violations, they don't focus much on actual Free Software Development. Here's some Donation links to individual projects:

KDE (Funds also go to Kdenlive)

And there's Blender where you don't have to donate, they have a store where you see more instant payback. Sure you can buy blu-rays and something stupid like T-Shirts, but you can also get services like training or Blender Cloud. I like that way of fund raising where they provide a service and the profits go to more development. Even non-profits are businesses, but their mission comes before profits. And if you think that sounds iffy, Pastors get paid almost as much as Doctors and they don't pay taxes.

well theres lots of opensource stuff like
7zip(even if you dont use the whole lzma/lzma2 thing is pretty high end compression stuff that now many other people also use)
openbsd related projects(openssh, libressl etc)
if you like a specific distro
gpg(the gnu whatever version of pgp)