Do You? Or not?

I'm thinking about getting the ITX version of the GTX 970 and a new motherboard. My question is do I have to have an ITX motherboard for the GPU?

Do you move your rig enough to really need ITX? Do you have space issues that would require ITX? IF no to both just go ATX it is normally cheaper and easy to build/cool.

My case right now barely fits the MSI 770 that I have in it, so I guess I was trying to eliminate that problem. Bugs the everloving hell out of me.

What case?

Dell XPS 8500


looks like this


You don't need to have an ITX case/mobo for an small form factor GPU. I would if I were you replace the stock fans on the machine Dell isn't known for using the highest quality parts.

you can use a itx gpu on a normal mobo no problem.

Yeah you can use an "ITX" gpu with any Motherboard. ITX actually doesn't mean anythtihg for GPU sizes but they call it that because it will fit in any case that supports mITX only because the card isn't longer than the width of the Motherboard.

Ok cool thank you so much! As you can probably tell I am very new to this forum, and I can tell I made the right decision in making an account here. You guys are awesome!