Do you mind helping me with my future build. Budget is about £800/$1300

Hey, just wanted some help on this build. I have tried my best on the build, yet I am still a PC noob (changing over from console... I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!)

Here is the Parts List:

Just used the site to compare prices and check the availability of products. 

Once again thanks.

Hi. I can see you've been reasonably well informed, because of the parts you have chosen.

Do you plan to crossfire? If so, I will have to make adjustments for the power supply.

The main thing that caught my eye was the motherboard you had chosen. It's a good motherboard, but to get the most out of these 83xx chips, it should be on a better board.

I invested in your platform and overclocking potential. If you want more RAM, or more storage, you can add those at a later time.

Sorry for the late reply, I shall take in to consideration what you have said.


I just checked the build I proposed, and something has increased in price. It was priced at £813, earlier.

Changed the GPU out, to make it closer to budget.

I understand why you changed out the mother board, but may I ask why why the CPU cooler


The 12DX will be better for overclocking. There are many options that you can choose. Some will be quieter than others. I picked the 12DX for thermal performance, price, and the fact it won't interfere with your RAM modules.

Ohh, thanks for your help I shall take it all into consideration. 


Yeah. If you find yourself stuck with your budget, you can swap the 8350 for the 8320. They are the same chip, but the 8320 is clocked lower. That CPU heatsink, and your motherboard, will allow you to reach 8350 stock speeds, and probably a little more in addition. That will bring what I have proposed under your £800 budget.

I would stretch to the 8350. It's "binned" higher, and you will be able to overclock it that little bit further. Great for productivity, if you wanted to edit videos

I wouldn't get the 200r from scan i got caught out buying 3 of them from there thay are the older design with a solid side panle air flow isent to great in them older ones.

Allso if you are going for asus mobos make shure thay are R 2.0 the erlyer ones dont support most of the FX cpu's out the box and need bios updates ( the R 2.0 vershons support all FX chips out the box)