Do you love the following drinks or not?

A cup of hot tea or cool tea
Espresso with the cream or not
Cocktail with some fruits inside
Cool ginger beer
Hot ginger cola
Cool bubble milk tea or warm one
Or you can share your favorite one with us .

1] Hot tea; Earl Grey....I know, I don't have much exposure to teas.
2] Hot
3] Fruit with cocktail inside. Hollowed out water melon with clear liquor and cubed fruit inside...great on a hot summers day.
4] Never tried, will look for some.
5] Never tried, how is it done?
I've been alcohol free for the last 8 years. My favorite drink right now is fresh ground coffee beans using a french press.

  1. Honestly, I like both. I don't drink enough tea,but when I do I always enjoy it.
  2. Espresso I usually have only with sugar. I don't like cream in my espresso.
  3. Not tried fruit alcohol cocktail honestly. Not sure I want to.
  4. Don't like ginger beer.
  5. Don't like ginger anything tbh...
  6. Tea and milk mix only in UK. I'm not in UK...

hot tea, ideally with mint or lemon.
boiling cup of hate (coffee)
sweet tea + whisky or coffee + whisky
San Pellegrino Limonata
as cold as possible sparkling mineral water.

A cup of hot tea or cool tea - Constant Comment orange spice tea w/ honey and lemon
Espresso with the cream or not - Regular coffee mostly
Cocktail with some fruits inside - Pina Colada
Cool ginger beer - Jamaican ginger beer is quite spicy
Hot ginger cola - I don't like the sound of that, but who knows?
Cool bubble milk tea or warm one - Sounds good

Or you can share your favorite one with us.
I enjoy Lemonade with sugar, honey and a few drops of vanilla extract.

I enjoy a nice glass of water.

This isn't set up as a poll?

And, Cool vanilla Bubble tea
Ginger Beer

Since everyone is on the topic of teas recently, what's that tea kettle set that our lord and saviorWendell has on the show every so often?

  • Tea should be hot with milk and sugar, Yorkshire Tea is highly recommended
  • Espresso is OK but French coffee is better than Italian. North African coffee makes espresso look like pisswater
  • Cocktails with fruit? No! (unless the "fruit" is an olive in Dry Martini)
  • Ginger beer needs to be fiery Jamaican style. A big slug of Rum is alway appreciated
  • Not sure what to say about hot ginger cola?!?
  • WTF is bubble milk tea!

this man needs to try this STAT!

Sometimes you can find a small stand in your local mall that'll sell that.

" Hollowed out water melon with clear liquor and cubed fruit inside." That's so cool!! lol :heart_eyes:

Yep, once I drink the tea I will be attracted. :laughing:

Your drink recipe seems so different. It must be delicious. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for your sharing, the lemonade drinks are quite acceptable by most of people on such summer time.

Ginger beer, oh the memories.
Used to live in uk where we could get the ginger beer, but here in america not so much. Just savours the taste I guess!:+1:

Fine, water is the best drink for our body, you can add some salt inside.

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Nope, this is not a poll. Just have some discussions with others, having fun.:sunglasses:

Due to Im an Asian, the memory of the best drink we like are so different. :cry:

Yep, I find out that so many people love the ginger beer, but this time the answer is so different. You are the only one who love the ginger beer in this topic.

I just invented a new alcoholic drink. Take one can of frozen lemonade consitrate, replace water with 1/2 water and either raspberry snaps or blackberries snaps. If you don't like alcohol strong just recuse the amount of alcohol and replace with more water. Makes a perfect sweet alcoholic drink for the summer.

I'm in the UK, we don't have bubble milk tea. American style ice tea is not universally available, it can sometimes be found in larger​ shops.