Do you have any experience with "FRC Technology"?

I am going to buy a new monitor, and I have narrowed down my search to two monitors from HP and Dell, They are HP Pavilion 22XW and Dell S2240L, The problem I am having is they are almost similar in specification, except the HP one can support "up to 16.7 million colors(through FRC technology)" the dell one does not mention anything about it.

According to the Wikipedia article I found, this technique can cause flickers. My questions;

Does the Dell one works similarly, but they are not mentioning it?
Do you have experience with monitor that use this technique, and should I avoid this HP monitor?

Thank you very much!

Hi lokait,

These are both very good budget monitors. I would personally go with the Dell, but it's a 2012 model (At least the version I found was.... Dell are bad at naming things!), so the colors won't be as vibrant as what a newer model would be. If I'm honest, FRC is a bit of a gimmick, a bit like some other features. The only time features really matter are on high end devices...

The HP looks prettier, but I think the Dell -may- perform better. What little that's in it, will depend on what you want to use it for.

Yes, I kind of agree. I don't care much about fancy looks, and unless I find anything that tells me the FRC thing will not affect the performance at all, I think I would go with the Dell one.

I use my computer mostly for graphics works, programming, video and light gaming.

My honest advice, is if it is for serious graphics work, get something that has really, really good color accuracy (At least 99.7%) such as the Asus VE278H.

If not, I'm using an Asus VG248QE with a small amount of tweaking, it's the best thing I've used for color accuracy (Other than the BenQ XL2420G)

If you can really make a stretch, the best in class is the Dell UltraSharp U2711

Hope this has helped!

Thank you! Yes, I'd love to have a better display actually.
I learn and do things all the time, however I rarely get to do some professional work for other people, like six or seven times total, in last two years. So the thing is, this is the best I can afford at the moment (under $150).
To be more sure about colors, I just try to check things with all devices I got, when I have to do some work for other people.

Also I could wait to buy something better, but my old LG monitor just died last week, and right now I am just stuck with a slow laptop. Can't see a lot options right now. Maybe soon I'll get better things..

Thanks for the replies!!!
Stay safe!