Do you guys use controllers to play PC?

I do, I use my Xbox One controller, mostly to play darksouls, GTA V or if I decide to hookup my laptop to my TV to play some fallout 3

I have my pc set up in the living room so I often use a xbox controller out of convenience. But for shooters or anything like that I use a keyboard and mouse.

I prefer using my controller when driving in GTA V, the rest of the controls are on the keyboard. Also twin stick shooter games such as Geometry Wars just need a controller. Too much adjusting when it comes to WASD and mouse pointer.

Generally I don't use a controller. Mostly because the majority of the games I play weren't really intended to be used with a controller.

Though when I fire up that good old Devil May Cry, it's a controller all the way! :D

for some games yeah i do use a controller, but as a rule of thumb ill give keyboard and mouse a shot before using a controller.

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I am with most people here, I use KbM anytime it feels right. I know in fable: The lost chapters the keyboard and mouse was good, But it lost the quick movement with swordplay. Unfortunately, It is not playable with a controller on PC. and joy2Key does not work well with it.

When I'm on Windows and playing console ports or emulators I use the PS4 controller over Bluetooth. It also has a stupidly inaccurate touch pad that can be used for simple mouse commands. Unfortunately you have to run a DS4 to Xinput wrapper in the background.

I use my DualShock 4 for games such as Dark Souls which pretty much require you to use one.

No, not yet.
Keep in mind that I don't have any controllers that interface with a computer, or any adapters, sooo... yea... :/

If I can get a Gamecube to USB adapter, I will squeal with joy.

I don't think I really have games, that would be fun with the controller. I actually have like 2-3 games, where I could use a controller. I actually do like the idea of having a decent controller, since mine is pretty cheap and not really recognized by many games.

Just in case you will need it ;)

You can find it here of all places

Actually I have never used a controller to play on PC... But I ordered a 360 controller for?! Dark Souls.. I love the game, but God damn, I can't wrap my head around the keyboard controls. They are OK, I just can't use them properly for some reason...

I use PS3 controller with 5m long cable, and DS3 tool set to Xbox 360 emulation.

If anything, got the xbox one controller instead of the 360. Trust me, it's better

Depends on the game, especially because I was a console gamer first, then became a PC gamer.

3rd Person 'brawler' games (Assassins Creed, Batman etc) I use a controller. Same thing for games like Dark Souls.

However with FPS games and open world RPG's, it's KBM for me.

simple answer here, Always keyboard and mouse. Dont even own a controller. Even with games like dark souls

To late. Already ordered it (a month ago) from China (for 11$ with free shipping)...
I was guessing XB1 controller will be better, but it's way more expensive...

only when the game is not a fps, moba, mmorpg and GTA V pretty much used the controller all the time except for a few moments in it.

Dualshock 4 for me. Having the touchpad is surprisingly useful. Although, if someone releases a higher quality clone with solid drivers and SCUF-style paddles I'll throw my money at it. If only the Steam controller had a second joystick.

I don't know if there is a good quality one of these