Do you get into metal? Or does it just grab onto you?

Hey guys, I've been looking around the music scene for something heavier than what I'm listening to atm (which I'm finding pretty lame), checking out celtic branches of punk and metal, and while I liked the harder sound, nothing was really hitting my musical g-spot (sorry for that metaphor). So I was just wondering is metal something you develop a taste for? Or is it something that grabs you by your scruff and holds on forever (in a good way)? And if that's the case, am I just not a metal head then (I don't claim to be though)?

Thanks everyone, have a good one.

Meh, depends on the song for me. Any kind of song can grab me, not just metal.

For example

Love that song. Best workout song ever.

Not bad. I'm not saying metal heads only listen to metal all the time, it's just that it seems that if you don't get the initial metal munchies, you probably never will. At least based off my experience with my older brother, who became a metal head over night. Some kind of call heeding I suppose.

For me, it was more about the use of songs in TV or in Video games or movies.

If the moment gave me goosebumps, I like the song. I don't like most music, I can't think of a single band that I like everything they've ever done. Just specific songs from various artists.

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I have few "Workout" tunes that i listen to that are heavy as shit to get the blood pumping lol

The Whole EP here, Urilia - The Adversarial Light

But here's my favorite off the record "Core of the Black Sun"

Suicide Silence - Disengage

Cannibal Corpse - Priest of Sodom

Slayer - Bloodline

As for

Contrary to popular belief (At least from the metal community) it's not for everyone. not everyone can get into metal.. because lets say for a new listener (just an example) let's say you started off on Judas priest. then you're probably going to ask.. "Hey is there someone else that's like Judas Priest?" then it goes to hell cause what sounds like Judas priest to you i may disagree with.. it's all subjective. what you may like.. others may not like. I have friends that swear on Metalcore or Deathcore. but refuse to listen to Death Metal. (even though to a degree it's the same crap)

I personally I'm more of a "Black Metal" guy than a "Death Metal" person. I like my music dark. preferably with a groove or with some keyboards. Black metal suits my tastes.

I slowly developed a taste for it, the first metal band I actually enjoyed was Dethklok. Then after a while of listening to them I looked for similar stuff. So I bought the album Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth. My first listen I hated it, I ended up just listening to other stuff for a while, then a few weeks later I gave it another try, and I actually started to enjoy it. Once I started to enjoy it I began finding more artists that I like, sometimes finding things I dislike initially, but come back to later and enjoy.

I've been easing my way into metal, but I have to say, there is no genre like it. Once you really start to develop a taste for metal, it tends to really grab you and not let go. You just have to dig around and find some bands you like, don't be discouraged just because tons of people swear by a specific band that you personally dislike. Do some digging, but like @Kat said, metal isn't for everybody so you might not end up liking it.

Edit: Also, get yourself a pair of decent headphones (if you don't already) because a lot of metal is quite detailed, and shitty headphones just can't give you the quality that metal requires.


I think that as you explore and find new music you find something that you like. Metal happens to be a very broad genre, so there's probably some quality you find more interesting than something else. For example a year or two ago I found that I really really liked melodic death metal. I really loved the harshness that mixed with melody, and some bands like Insomnium that had a bit of an atmospheric feel to it really spoke to me... so to speak. After further digging I found that I was actually pretty into darker atmospheric music, as in a bit depressive. From there I just dug deeper into my newly found preference. While I have a friend who only listen to (norwegian) black metal, another who only listens to funeral doom metal, and so on.

I remember that at first I was hesitant and scared off when I heard Amon Amarth, the first time I had heard growls. But a few years later I had become a fan of the melodic elements of power metal, HammerFall to be specific, and Amon Amarth had just released Twilight Of The Thunder God. The riff and melody in that song really got me going, and I liked the growling. After that I became more accepting of growls.

So in some sense you can develop a taste for some elements of metal, like harsh vocals. But metal as a whole is not something you should force yourself to like. Look around at the bigger genres, dwell into those you like, and I bet you'll find something that you really like.

I was grabbed my Amon Amarth but even then their sound takes a bit of getting used to.

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I slowly slipped into metal I guess. A friend made me listen to Sabaton (primo victoria to be specific) and I kinda liked it. I started to listen to more music from Sabaton. After I listened to almost every song of Sabaton I mostly started listening to Rock like Pearl Jam, Tenacious D and The White Stripes.
Two years ago I came back to Metal whilst still listening to Rock as well. Now Metal has grabbed me and does not let me go. I still like rock as well though.

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It kind of depends. I think metal is a bit like cheese, once you get into it there isn't a long way from soft havarti to blue Stilton, but nobody starts on Stilton. I don't think anyone listens to this;

And think, fuck yeah, if they never heard the genre before.

ATM I'm not a huge fan of the growling and screaming, I'm not one of those "it's not real singing" types cuz I know it takes a shit tonne of practise and skill to be able to maintain that kind of harsh vocals. I really like the heavier sound to a lot of metal genres, but the vocals turn me off. Can you recommend any artists or genres that don't growl? Thanks for the reply btw.

Actually, I really like this. The vocals are a little harsh for me, but other than that, it's pretty awesome. Thx very much.

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The more you listen to it the less harsh they start to feel, also try looking up lyrics it helps separate words from growls.

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grabbed me by the balls and never let them go to this day

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I can't really think of any bands that have the heavy sound of death metal, but don't growl. But maybe this will be something you'll like?

I like the heavy atmosphere of dark folk. These guys mix both clean vocals with light growls. But seeing it as you seem to like the technical death of Hours of Penance, I don't think you'll like it. Could be worth a try though.

Not clean vocals, but one of my favourite technical death metal. I find that I keep getting one of their super catchy riffs stuck in my head as soon as I listen to them. You might like it, and start liking harsh vocals.

One of the things I do when I'm looking for bands in a genre I feel like I might like, is fire up something like Pandora (I love the Music Genome Project) throw in the name of an artist, band, or song you like ... and let it do its magic.

After a little while of telling it which picks I favor, or dislike, Pandora tends to do a great job of finding new music that I enjoy and never would have otherwise found.


Actually the dark folk track I really liked. It's actually a little closer to what I normally listen to. I really like as you said the atmosphere, and the vocals aren't bad at all. This could definitely grow on me, thanks very much for the link.

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Well, ultimately, it is both. This is both an answer for all people, and myself.

I was brought up in podunk-ville, USA, without cable television or a plethora of radio stations. By accident of birth, I was subjected to Country music. Go ahead and laugh, but it was not like I knew any better, it was just something that my parents listened to and I did not know any better. Now, the country I was brought up on was not this pop-inspired stuff that continues to flourish in the wake of Garth Brook and Billy Ray Cyrus - it was this old-timey stuff like Hank Williams, Weylon Jennings, and David Allen Coe. Honestly, some of it I still enjoy and have an appreciation for, if only for nostalgia's sake, but for the most part... Well, let's just say that Country and I are never ever getting back together.

When I was in either 4th or 5th grade, one of my older sisters introduced me to Metallica's ... And Justice for All album. That was something that put its hooks in me. I really enjoyed the aggressive tone and heavily distorted sound of the guitars, and, beyond that, it was a fairly technical album. There was a lot to appreciate and keep you interested - which is volumes more than what I can say for the pop music of the time, or currently. (What the hell was even considered pop back then? I don't even remember.)

From Metallica, I remember branching out to Pantera. I think I was over at a friend's house and I had heard Domination, so decided to pick up an album, which ended up being Far Beyond Driven. At first, I honestly did not like it. The sound and tone was a lot more raw and I was not sure what to think about it. I mean, look at it this way: I went from a group that used topics like the works of H.P. Lovecraft, mutually assured destruction, and books like Johnny Got His Gun, to a group with song titles like "Use My Third Arm." Part of me wants to say that, even at the time, I found some of it immature, but I also know that there were aspects I did not understand. Either way, it grew on me, and I ended up buying all their albums - even the ones that were pre-Cowboys from Hell. (Ha!)

After that, my tastes blitzkrieged out. I simultaneously got into Nightwish, who had just released their second studio album, and a bunch of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Siebenburgen. I think the first Amon Amarth Album came out at around this time. There were also some other bands like Suidakra and Vintersorg that I really liked. Basically, I ended up picking up appreciation for different types of metal: operatic, folk, black, dark, death, doohicky. Whatever labels you want to put on it. I was mildy interested into categorizing what genres were what, but I did want to find out all the different aspects or styles people experimented with to produce good music. With that mindset in mind, I remember also doing a kind of historical survey, and picking up a bunch of albums from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest.

Sometime shortly after that, I remember my older sister (re)introducing me to Tool. I remember her listening to it before, but it was just a couple songs from one of their albums. When I started actually listening to them, it was shortly after they released their Lateralus album.

With some Music Appreciation classes taken at university, I delved a bit into Gregorian Chant/Organum, and some of the varieties of Classical Music. Seven years later, that is pretty much where I am at today, although I have picked some some more bands and playlists along the way. I've given a lot of different stuff a pretty decent listen-through, most noteably things electronica-esque, but rock has always been my core since my introduction with Metallica.

EDIT - some spelling corrections, and somehow I forgot to mention god-damn Motorhead, so I'm putting that here, lest I hang my head in shame forever.


With some Music Appreciation classes taken at university, I delved a bit
into Gregorian Chant/Organum, and some of the varieties of Classical

It seems there are lots of metal heads that also enjoy classical.