Do you care about the private life of your favorite bands?

So, I recently got into a discussion with someone who said that he couldn't listen to a certain band anymore because the singer tried to kill his wife. He also said that it was his favourite band before that incident, which made it even more confusing to me.

I really don't give a damn about the personal life of my favourite musicians tbh. If they decide to kill someone, to take drugs or to do some other stupid shit then that doesn't affect my listening experience. I don't think that, just because I enjoy their music, I have to "feel bad" because of their wrongdoing or that I shouldn't listen to their music anymore.

Some examples would be Mayhem which, as most of you probably know, have a pretty dark and sad history. Or Absurd, which was formed around a guy who killed a neighbor boy (or classmate, can't remember) and who is an avowed nazi. I don't have to judge them as human beings, as long as they make music that I enjoy.

So, do you care about the personal life of your favorite musicians? Would it affect your attitude towards their music? I'm curious.

Must be the frontman of As I Lay Dying.

No, I don't particularly care. It is shocking news, and I got no respect for the guy, but I can still listen to one or two songs.

I usually look it up for political bands. That is about it.

Your friend's new view of the certain band is slightly skewed. It would make far more sense to boycott any music produced after the shocking incident took place, and to still listen to music released prior to the attempted homicide. To put a personal ban on their entire catalog due to the actions of ONE band member (albeit the lead singer) is just silly.

And to answer the question, no don't care what happens in their lives AS LONG it doesn't have an effect on the music I had grown to like. Say for example, and more commonly, one of the band's members passing away unexpectedly. With that person gone it probably won't be the same band.

Read the bold text and tell me if you could still listen to music by a person like that.

i try to pay only attention to the music and if they are not total assholes.

for the original topic, i probably would not want to support a killer.. i'd download his music but i wouldnt seed it HAH

It's Nu-metal, so I wouldn't listen to it anyway. But if my favourite singer got arrested because he molested or raped a child then I would still listen to his music, yes. I would enjoy his music the same way I did before I knew about this. I don't see how those things are related.

Well personal lives do impact the songs they write. It does help understand some of their music.

I personally don't really bother to look anything like that up though.