Do You Buy Games for T&A?

I was writing an article about the lack of t&a in the upcoming King of Fighters XII and it got me to thinking. How many of us purchase games just because the girls in it are hot? Take the poll... and let me know which games you purchased just for the girls... pics welcome too.

If you own this game your answer is automatically "yes"...

No... I PIRATE THEM! lol-- nah just kidding


I have thought about it lol

The last game I remeber playing for T&A was the original Tomb Raider

and I was 10, lol

Now I don't waste my money on them

Not to say the new Tomb Raider games aren't fun to play


I'm sometimes compelled, but never go through with it.

so no one here owns bikini karate babes or battle raper? lol

Can't say that I do, no.

I own both of those and Rumble Roses XX, and all of the DoA Games, but that's not why I get them. I like games to pass time, fighters tend to do that, having nice looking wemon is just a +.

A friend of mine showed me sexy beach 3. Really I didn't see the point to it. I mean, sure if I were to use my imagination and all that the girls were hot, but I mean you need a hand to play the game......and the other hand needs to be doing something entirely different. I guess you need to be ambidextrous or something to fully enjoy that game.

    And don't tell me watching animated naked chicks is sad, (freaking hypocrites lol)because what the hells the difference? When I'm looking at porn I'm " thinking" about some girl I'll never have, not that I'd want most of them anyway. And I've watched a few pornographic anime's before, and yes, did the dirty deed. But I'm not sexually attracted to the character itself, More the image of what they embody, a so called "perfect" girl? The quotes are intentional for obvious reasons I hope I don't need to explain. But to sum all this blabbering up, no, I've never bought a game for the T&A, but pirating could always be an option I suppose............boobs, the end.

nop. never play or buy a game, bcuz the character is hot. (anyw i pirate all the games never bought any.. hehe.)

lmao 100% of 15 votes say no

if the question was do you TORRENT then i would see a dramatic change
were not stupid we dont waste money 50 bucks to see some ass i can just google for free in a few seconds

Lol, couldn't have said it better myself.

To tell you the truth, I might download a game just for the "T&A" but I would never even consider buying a game solely for that purpose. Thus I use torrents.

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!