Do You Believe Nvidia will Be Relevant this Generation?

Do you think Nvidia will be relevant this generation? In my opinion Nvidia has been put into a corner due to AMD's New GPUs. The price to performance ratio. Support for Mantle all the Consoles have AMD chips. Now I don't hate Nvidia I like whatever works well for the games I play. But do you agree? Disagree? And we won't see new Nvidia GPUs for a while besides the alledged dual CPU card where also in a way might also be a monster it could be two titans on a single PCB or two 780s. My vote on the dual 780. What are your thoughts?

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I think/hope nvidia will be relevant for a healthy market.

From my experience, no one likes dual die GPUs... The 7990 beat the titan for 300$ less and people will went out and got a titan or 780 (for 30-100$ more).

When it comes down to it, it depend on the price of the dual nvidia card. (But if people still react as they did with the 7990, no one will consider it anyways)

like apple fan boys, nvidia fan boys will keep it alive.

Yes they will be. They have a little more leeway when it comes to price to performance because of fanboyism. At least for another generation or two. Valve are also only using NVidia in the Steambox prototypes so there's that as well. They're not going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm sure they will. They haven't even announced their new generation hardware yet.

I was able to get an 8 core, xeon, 2.8GHz, 24MB L2, mac pro tower for 500$. I then threw in my 7970. Am I a fanboy for getting a 2500$ PC for 500$?

If you want AMD to continue pushing out these powerful cards for low prices you better hope they do. Nvidia has a nice share on the laptop market though, so I'm sure they will be fine.

As a Nvidia fanboy I say yes. I've built a few gaming rigs in my day and I've always had issues with AMD. I hear they have fixed issues but I still hear others pop up. I think Nvidia is built better. 

Rumoured price cuts, rumoured new cards to be released for early 2014. Pretty sure Nvidia is going to be alright. Their cards are cheaper to make in comparison to AMD, I am lead to believe. So they are still going to be making healthy margins.

Nvidia's Titan was supposed to be released witht the 600 series, but they deliberately held it back. I wouldn't be surprised to see the card dubbed "Titan Ultra" to emerge, now that the new AMD cards have been unveiled. That Titan Ultra was rumoured a while back. AMD and Nvidia are always creating ways to take the top spot.

You allready had the new gen cards (thay where early GTX7xx cards) the only new cards we may see now from them before the end of next year or longer is some TI cards to fill gaps and maybe a dual card useing 2 gk110 chips (gtx titan chips)

Nvidia whont be going anywhere despite nividia being overpriced thay still make quality products.

I think nvidia are in for a rough patch and I hope it will be a humbling experience for them.

When they made their speech about the bid for the next gen consoles and said 'they saw no value in it' it made me feel marginalised to a profit number, like I am not relevant because they don't think they can make enough money out of me..

I know in the real world that is how big business operates... but it isn't polite to just come out and say it like that :)

I have supported their products for years and as a gamer I felt like they had forgotten their roots.. the gamers who supported them.

Next gen consoles are going to make amd a household name with very little effort on amd's part, it will push their brand into millions of households and will hopefully leverage the entire computing world across to gpu computing AND get rid of the fake dominance that single thread performance currently has (I am looking at you directx...).

Games developers who develop for consoles will have a hard time NOT optimizing for the pc version (specifically amd kit) so the value proposition of the cheaper kit price / performance vs the more expensive ones (intel / nvidia) will become more pronounced.

If you start coming across console ports that perform badly on AMD kit (especially ubisoft stuff who are in nvidia's corner) then I would imagine skullduggery played a part.

Is this hatred towards Nvidia a new thing? When i bought my GTX 770 a few months ago I never heard any of this. 

I have no hatred towards them, they just need a reminder of what is important (US).

Once they learn that lesson I will happily purchase their products again.

This is one of many many articles.

Rumours start somewhere. I think this is a really bad oversight on the part of most people here. Of course Nvidia has some sort of response.

All in all I'm thrilled there is competition. This will light a flame under Nvidia's arse to come out with better products. As long as they keep 1 upping each other we win. 

At least we can all agree on that right?

Agreed. I think its starting to be cool to hate Nvidia cause they've been doing some bad things lately. Like no giving a shit about the consoles which isn't a bad thing but they were stupid to believe they weren't going to see a benefit. Also lack of linux support. And that bloody rumor about nvidia paying OriginPC to Drop AMD. Which I don't believe its true but it really does sound like nvidia did something to spark this.

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Well I might be taking sides, but I don't care. Let's all just agree Nvidia needs a kick in the butt. But I would really like Nvidia to keep AMD in the "underdog" position.

And this might just be of a marketting/fanboy point of view, I'm not even going to discuss about build quality vs price. I just hope AMD will still be labeled 'the cheap brand'.

AMD just kicks ASS in that underdog position. As a smaller company, you are able to make more quick moves and responses.

I also use whatever works best, but there also is no denying that I'm on the AMD side. Nvidia will be as relevant as ever, and we desperately need them to push their competitors in order to avoid stagnation.

1. I don't know where the rumor of Maxwell in Q1 2014 came from, but there are just as many sources saying Q3 or Q4 2014 instead. At this point it's all rumors. Nobody should be considered reliable.

2. The GPU industry does not move nearly as fast as people here seem to think. Nvidia can't just whip up a "response" to AMD's new cards. Realize: they've been working on Maxwell since at least 2010. They'd need to already have something coming down the pipe, and basically be already done with it to release in time to matter.

3. If Nvidia has any intention of supporting Mantle or competing with TrueAudio, expect it to take at least 2 years for them to do it in a non-hacky sort of way.

4. Right now, Nvidia has nothing going for them in the near future. They're in the prototype Steamboxes, but that's only 300 units, and Valve has already stated that they're hardware agnostic and real Steamboxes would also come with AMD hardware. Steambox prototypes are barely even PR.

Of course Nvidia will remain relevant, but they're backed into a corner, for gaming at least. That's why they're trying to pull shady stuff behind the curtains, because they can't be the "premium" name in gaming if AMD is supplying the consoles and selling desktop cards with more performance, lower prices, and a better list of features.