Do we really know whats going on with Xbox One?

So, Mostly I am curious to see what People think about this article, It is in spanish, so you will need to use google translate(which does a very good job of translating this site). 

Just a quick summary, the first half of the article, is their "conspiracy theory" about the xbox one, and what they believe supports their claims.

The second half begins to cover their analysis of the Xbox one hardware.  and the PS4 hardware, and what they talk about seems to show a side of the Xbox one that no one knows about. They make claims that this is hardware that AMD is working on.

Anyway, Just wondering whether people find this to be plausible. If it is real, why people think Microsoft would stay quite on it, If it gives them such a substantial performance boost.  The article is fairly recent, posted January 7th. 

So it's an oversized gaming-laptop?

Still wouldn't get it though. even if the extra hardware improved performance, i'm definitely not going to carry it, and i don't feel like paying extra money to pay online.

The theoretical gaming performance of it is 2.6 teriflops, from what the article says. Also don't forget that they will be doing game streaming to Windows 10 devices, which only really seems relevant with this performance boost. Means this plus a cheap Laptop would combine for a decent gaming set up.

I don't know why Xbox hasn't just become their new distribution service like Windows live was, and steam or origin, etc are now. Microshaft could still have their exclusives and DRM.  They still control most of the PC gaming market with windows. So why do they even need this side show piece of crap? Why do they need to have absolute control over our living rooms and all of our digital lives?      

Because they make more money that way...

Do we really care?

Not really...