Do we have any Network Engineers here?

The reason that I ask is I am currently doing my Bachelor of IT (havent declared my major yet - still have 6 months to do so) and I have been offered the opportunity to do a double degree adding on a Bachelor of Network and Software engineering.
What types of Mathematics will I have to learn if I take on the second degree? I hate maths and havent done any maths subjects in over 12 years. I'd like to get a head start by organising a tutor for th etypes I would have to learn and the University just says I have to know Matrick level maths (which I failed BTW)
Any suggestions?

Nerver here of that.
I remember we to Basic Maths (Stats) , And we had an introduction int Binary Maths & Hex Maths on how to add subtract that was about it. Don't really remember it though as i don't use it.

I think @Vandal85 means "matrix."

Like this - >

i like network stuff more than software coding, so there's that

I'm just getting started with network stuff, I also enjoy it more than coding. I know @DeusQain is a network guy, and he can probably answer some questions for you.

Ask the University you plan to attend. They'll know what they plan to teach you better than anyone here.

It's Matrix, not Matrick.

No maths more complicated than what an 8th grade student could handle. Most people hear the word 'engineer' and get scared. Its really not that bad, go for it OP.

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No I did mean Matrick level maths - Matrick is what we call Year 11 and 12 (also called College but the subjects are "Matrick" subjects)

Ouch, We Just got served :)

Edit: To be fair it true I use to draw coloured pictures all day, as my job for 3 years.

you're going to need to be able to understand "queueing theory" which means you'll need to understand basic calculus and basic statistics.

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