Do we have a comprehensive Monitor guide floating around somewhere?

I'm in the market for an ultra wide monitor in the 300-600 price range and figured we would have a buyers guide floating around? Korean monitors are not out of the question at all.

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have you looked at the X34 predator?

If I had that much cash I would buy it. I'm looking for something more on the budget end. Thank you though!

ah i see, okay. anytime :D

There is also an LG monitor which fits the bill, you will have to look at reviews but this looks like it could work:

Yes, and his name is @JokerProductions. Check out Joker's excellent YouTube channel. He tries to focus his expertise on monitor reviews and other PCMR stuff.

Happy shopping and enjoy your new screen.

Depends on what you use it for

on the low end though you can get a 4K 28" TN Free-sync display for $299, IPS ones start at around $500

or there exists a 1440p 144hz IPS display for around $400

and that's basically it for the reasonable high end, comes down to resolution vs refresh rate