Do those PC Specs make sense?

CPU: Intel i5-4460 x4 3.1GHz (won't oc)
PSU: Enermax 600W Platimax 90+ Platinum l OR l AeroCool Templarius Imperator 650W 80+ Bronze

GPU: ASUS GTX 760 DirectCU2 2GB
( If it won't last, i will change to an 970 / 980 )

RAM: Corsair XMS3 x2 4GB CL9 1333MHz
Cooler: Arctic Freezer i11
Motherboard: ASUS Z97-K
Case: Suggestions?

Good PC Specs or Senseless?

Depends upon the spanish national silicone lottery and how well you apply thermal paste etc.

Definitely, even the stock cooler should be able to.

Yeah these specs seem fine. The cooler will do the job and you can overclock a little but don't go crazy with the overclock, take it easy, small steps and make sure to stress test for stability. Like SpaceCat said, it's a lottery as each cpu is different. With thermal paste apply a pea sized amount in the middle and don't remove or move the cooler too much when its on, you don't want any air bubbles as this can affect the coolers performance.

Which Thermal Compound would you guys recommend?

I use Arctic cooling MX-4 which works well, there's also arctic silver, noctua, phobya which are good.

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Opinions about the Arctic Freezer i11 with an i5-4460 ?
I heard the Freezer i11 is bad, but i also heared the opposite so i don't know who should i listen to.

I've not heard of that cooler, it will be better than a stock cooler if that's what your after. If you're still unsure read/watch some reviews and try and notice patters is what people say about it.

I second MX-4. I use it on everything because you can just put it on and get up and going without hastle.

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basicly fine

if you ever need more GPU Horse power, you can easaly just upgrade the gpu to something more highend.

about thermal paste, well paste is paste, not realy much of diffrence, if you plan to use the stock cooler for now, then you dont need to buy any paste, cause the stock cooler comes with pre applied.

It's 2x4GB. ;P

lol ok, it reads a bit strange. ☺

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I do like to add that if you go with a Z97 board, it would be nicer to grab an 4690K cpu, to have the overclocking feutures that come with Z series board.

If you dont realy care about overclocking, and also not about dual gpu setups, then you can basicly also pickup a cheaper H97 motherboard if you like to.

Just throwing it out there, you can't overclock on that processor. Its got a locked multiplier so no easy overclocking although not really 'allowed' base clock overclocking will work. Your not supposed to really overclock a non-K Intel skew but you can to limited success via the base clock.

yeah well even base clock overclocking wont realy work i suppose.
So basicly if he goes with a locked cpu like the i5-4460, he can basicly also just buy a cheaper H97 board, unless he wants dual gpu setups ofc.

Well those x2 4GB are from my Old PC.
And i don't wan't to buy an 4690k because of its price and I am on a budget, i don't know anything about overclocking so i don't will try to get into it.
If my GPU won't be enough in the future i probably buy the same one and go with an Dual SLI.
I am also taking the Motherboard because of the Sound Blaster sound card, the PS2 and 2 Special USB 3.0 enterences which will get transfered a lot faster to the PC.

What i always asked my self is (Warning: Dumb questions inc. am new in the PC Master Race)
Can i connect in Dual SLI 2 different GPU's ? GTX 760 + GTX 970, or ASUS GTX 760 + ZOTAC GTX 760?

And i wanted to purchase before some HyperX Savage x2 4GB could i insert them and the older Corsair XMS3's to have 16GB of RAM?

And what about the Cooler for the i5-4460 x4 3.1GHz ? CM Hyper 212 EVO, be quiet! Pure Rock & Arctic Freezer i11. Which of those?

You're not going to be overclocking the 4460, its a locked CPU. You would need to get an i5 4690k to get the overclocking features for the CPU. You'll also need a motherboard with overclocking features like the Z97 chipset boards. The Pure Rock cooler is overkill if you get the locked CPU, however it will do well with an unlocked one.

I would take the Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H H97 or the MSI H97 GAMING 3 but both support only CrossfireX and not SLI.
i5 4690k is above my budget and am not interested in overclocking but i wan't one of those three for future upgrades.
( CM Hyper 212 EVO ;be quiet! Pure Rock ;Arctic Freezer i11 )

yes if you want an option for sli in the future then Z97 is the way to go.

Newbie question:
Can i connect in SLI 2 different GPU's ?
example 1:
GTX 760
GTX 970
example 2 (from different makers):

You cannot Sli 2 diffrent series cards, so example 1 does not work.

Example 2 should basicly be no problem.