Do these temps look right for custom water cooling

do these temps look right i have a custom water cooling loop and i have only overclocked the boost clock to 4ghz but i am getting two different temp reading, any help is appreciated, btw this is the cpu under full load prime 95 small fft 

it looks ok. intel has a higher thermal limit than amd so as far as intel chips go your in the clear.  depending on the ambiant temp you could proabably get it a little lower  with  a higher pressure fans or a larger radiator or even a larger pump. just depends on your current setup and room temps. best fans i can reccomend are delta (warning use a fan controller or you will hate your life) with one delta at 100% you can just about match most other fans cooling power in push pull at 50-75% it trounces just about every other fan.

No, it doesent i have an i5 at 4.2Ghz on a Hyper 212 EVO and get better temps than that at 20c Room temp. so id say the 40c reading is accurate as youd need something pretty wrong going on in a loop to cause high tempatures like that.