Do NVME drives need overprovisioning?

My 960 Pro just came in the mail. I just wanted to check if it needs to be over provisioned, just like a traditional SSD.

Overprovisioning comes from the NAND limitation of write cycles. And NVME is just interface specification for comunication with the non-volatile memory. Basically nothing changed in the matter of the question because all current NVME drives are still basically NAND.

Does the 950 use Samsung Magician software? That handles the over-provisioning for me. I told it to prioritize long-life over maximum speed and Magician decided how many cells to set aside.

The Samsung Magician software is very good, use it if you can.

For Evo (or cricial etc) I like to set reasonably high over provisioning, but not for Pro's- especially the 850s with 10 year warranties...
Backups are key though, as I've had a couple of ssd's fail hard and fast...

It doesn't matter if it's NVMe or not. SSD drives do not need overprovisioning, but you do want to use it.

If you intend to use SM, don't forget to tweak the startup task in Task Scheduler (unless Samsung finally fixed this stupid thing).

I always find it funny how "overprovisioning" means entirely opposite things in different contexts (storage systems vs SSD).

Yeah, that's true. I'm guessing in a database it means using extra ram.