Do I need USB 3.0 for a gaming PC?

Ok I am saving up to buy a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM. I am going to reuse my current GPU, PSU, HDD, and Antec 900 case. My case only has USB 2.0 ports on the front.

You don't need USB 3; USB 2 works just fine, and USB 3 devices are backwards compatible.

You don't need USB 3.0, it's more of a convenience than anything. Although, pretty much every motherboard nowadays comes with USB 3.0 on the back, so if you have a USB 3.0 external hardrive, or another device that takes advantage of it, just use that. 

There's no reason not to go for 3.0. Realisticly speaking you're looking at atleast a 3x speed increase : what's not to like ?

I didn't have 3.0 ports in my case, but for convenience I spent another €5 on one of the drivebay ports things.

if your building a lan rig, you sore of need it, because you can share games faster.

its not needed though. most of the time you will have 2 ports on the back of your mb anyway... so you just wont have the front pannel usb 3.0's


i would save the money and keep the case you have.

Yeah this is not a lan rig. Just gaming and internet.