Do I need socket 2011?

I am looking to build a system for running SongShowPlus

It will have 2  Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorder capture cards and 2 Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2GB video cards (or simmilar) to get 4 video outputs.

Do I need socket 2011 for the PCIe bandwidth (and maybe RAM bandwith?) or is socket 1150 fine?

I am looking at either a i7 4820K (2011) or i7 4790 (1150).

This computer will be playing video files/ppts, capturing 2 HD video streams, outputting to 4 different screens and possibly live streaming (if our internet connection will handle it) all at once.

Just for some extra info, SongShowPlus  supports the DeckLink standard (with a plugin) which is supposed to reduce lag from the capture process and offload some of the text over live video processing.

Also worth noting is that GoFishMedia (parent company of SSP) sells prebuilt systems for this application but there is no info on what is in them (not even a photo of the back panel). They are very expensive (so is shipping to AUS) and have lots of features that we don't need. Also you void the warranty by adding/changing the hardware so we cant add other things like a firewire card for audio recording from the mixing desk.

 Thanks in advance, Hobgoblin.

If you plan on trans coding on the fly then yes. Same goes for possible post production.

We are not planning on recording and producing the video, just live output to projectors.

As for trans-coding, I'm not sure how to tell how much is going on in the software, but in any case the inputs will be 720p, 720i, 1080p or 1080i via HDMI and the outputs will be 1024*768 for the projectors and possibly 1080p for the stage foldback display.

I am not sure of your budget but 2011 has a ton of PCIe lanes so you would have room to grow with it.

Well the capture cards are only x1 PCIe gen 2 cards and the graphics cards are x16 gen 2 physical but most tests i have seen suggest there is not much diffrence between x16, x8 and x4 for most graphics cards.

So i am not sure if i actually need all that many lanes?