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Do I need sata to sas interposers for NetApp DS4246 Disk Array Shelf

Hi Everyone,

I bought NetApp DS4246 Disk Array Shelf yesterday and I’m wondering if I need sata to sas interposers for it. All the videos I’ve seen, Wendell is using the interposers.

Hi, those units look pretty cool!

oh, looks like you mean interposers between the HDD’s and the backplane inside the shelf, like on the drive caddy? my bad, hadn’t had coffee.

Looks like it can run fine without them (similar question to you, within hours of your question)

But it looks like there is a use for them “The interposers job is to connect the one sata channel from the device to both sas channels of the shelf.” by which he stated it’ll connect the single channel SATA drive to each IOM (from another reddit comment)

edit: rubish question not germain to OPs' question:

Does it have an IOM module in the back with an SAS socket?
I think that needs a SAS cable to connect to your computer(or the server) and you need a HBA in the computer.
I guess an interposer might take a SAS connection in, but I am not sure if SATA protocol would work for it? I am not familiar with interposed. Perhaps you could post which one you were thinking of?

No necessary for operation, but may degrade performance for multichannel/multi-path access.

We have had a few here at work go bad and the company is too cheap to buy replacements. We just connect the drives directly to the backplane now when the Interposer goes bad.


Thanks man. Was an Ish out of water

so the interposes are just if you want the multi path to work optimally generally?
Been looking at one of these, and they also have those sata interposers

Yeah, at least that is how it works on our setup. Our stuff is like 10 years old though. USG never uses brand new, even when they buy brand new.

Looks slick. I have never used that brand or setup.

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