Do i need modular

So im upgrading some stuff and just wondered whether to go full, semi or non modular because i am also looking at case fans.

This is what i got so far and also could anyone suggest a wattage especially because  i'm going to upgrade my build, its on my profile, and need to know if this PSU will be sufficient for my build now and when i upgrade.


Yes you definitely want full  modular because it makes everything so much easier down the road if you ever want to upgrade and care about aesthetics. You could probably get away with a semi but keep in mind all the extra cords you use will be stuck there and take up space and to some degree affect your cases static pressure, minimal though. also you want at least a 600 Watt 80+ bronze or higher, the effiency at high as well as low loads is important, a regular 80+ does not have the effienency at low loads keep that in mind. and here is my system specs;

i5 4690k @ 4.5 GHz

Liquid-Cooled by Corsair H100i w/ Noctua NF-F12 120mm (x2) in Pull

MSI Gaming Z97m mATX mobo w/ ICDiamond Thermal Paste

Kingston HyperX Fury Red 1866 MHz 8GB DDR3 (4GB x2) Duel Channel

Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 290

1 TB WD Blue HDD

120 GB Samsung 840 EVO


EVGA SuperNOVA NEX650 Watt 80+ Gold Modular PSU

Corsair C70 Vengence Mid Tower Case Black

The cables are sleeved, and each cable is straight black, none of that multicolor crap. EVGA made this thing so sexy, aestetics are important to me :P hope this helped you.

thanks so much for the quick response i actually looked at the SuperNOVA but was quickly warned away because its "bad news". How is yours if i may ask ?

Well, I tend to only bother with modularity when you're 650w+.  That's when the cable octopus gets a bit out of hand.

I have a 550w XFX power supply.  Non-modular.  IN AN ITX FORM FACTOR.  It's not hard to manage these cables.

I prefer Modular PSUs over non modular at all times, I tinker in my systems alot so having less wires to hide and less to manage is a big plus. That being said nothing wrong with semi or non-modular strictly speaking the non-modular ones cost less. It's not horrible to hide some extra cables especially if they are force flex wires. I would even go out on a limb and say if you are hitting around 500-650w you will need most/all of the cables coming off the brick. I have a EVGA PSU in one of my systems and I like it seems like a good unit with a quiet fan and good voltage regulation mine has a 5 year warranty as well. 

it depends allot on the case you have, i personaly dont see the benefit of fully modular psu´s in most cases, because you simply gonne need the basic cables anyway. i personaly prefer a Semi modular psu. in most cases.

But yeah fully modular psu´s are starting to become cheap aswell now days, so yeah why not.

there was a bad shipment of NEX's, but that was a one time thing from what i could tell. it happened in like 2012 and any product after that has had zero issues. I was reading a lot of reviews on amazon ;_;

The only benefits for fully modular is you have less clutter since you're only plugging in what you want. A must have if you have wire management OCD or aesthetics nazi.

thanks for all the advice it is much appreciated, the reason i ask is my current psu is non modular and its a mess but that isn't helped by my case much as there is NO room for cable management and i'm fed up with it. So thanks i'll definitely buy a Samil or full 

for ultimate cable management.... define R4 or R5

I have a corsair C70 it's not bad itself most 80$+ cases these days are set up right! I will say the C70 doesn't have tons of room but because the side panels are latched at the top it's deceptive what will fit on that far side, that is, more cables will fit then you might think. even so a Mobo power cable with some PCIE 8/6 pins will require a little bit of positioning. Semi mod or even full mod PSUs won't help that, you still need to use proper cable management; they merely get rid of the extra peripheral cables you might not need.

Generally, if you want a easier to cable manage computer that has some striking looks. Use the modular, it will help.