Do I need different fans for intake and exhaust?

I live in LA so it was a little more significant for me lol, especially for my GPUs (since watercooling project indefinitely on hold probably noticed the GPU block next to my rig). For me, the amount of reduced dust inside the case after switching to magnetic filters made it well worth it (I think it was about $40).

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I did... However, i was really disappointed in the lighting inside the case... Everything is drowned in red... Black is red, red is red, blue is red, metal is red, everything is red. All effort of color coordinating the parts inside is gone, because everything is red now...
Question, what is wrong with the air cooling of the GPU?

The more positive air preassure you have the better.

Lol, to each their own, you hipster you, and it looks better in person. My top GPU gets to the point of thermal throttling while using crossfire in demanding games but at this point im probably just going to sell both w/ the blocks when Vega arrives.

Yes, but important clarification needs to be made - all intakes needs to be filtered. Otherwise it is pointless.

Me hipster me didn't see you had two GPUs... As for the light - just use white... Everything will be it's native color under white light ;)

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Well so if I got everything okay i should buy 3 static pressure fans, 2 for intake , 1 for pulling air into the 212 and use the stock and the exhaust fan to push air out of the case. I got some dust filters in the front of my case, and I´d probably remove that plastic non-airflow-friendly front during my gaming sessions to allow airflow to circle much better, thanks for the help guys :D