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Do I need AMDGPU-PRO to install ROCm?

So I want to get DaVinci Resolve up and running in Pop-OS which requires OpenCL. Also I will be doing ML stuff with TensorFlow, Pytorch… which I need ROCm for. Also I’ve read that ROCm is slightly faster than the PAL stack.

Should I install the amdgpu-pro driver and then ROCm separately? Should I install the amdgpu-pro drivers with the --opencl=rocm argument? Or use the --opencl=pal,legacy argument and install rocm seperately? What should I do?

Looks like the answer is no. I know that AMD will allow you to configure a hybrid stack if need be, but everything should work with the Open Source stack. Look here since you are using a Debian derivative,

Coming late to the party…

You definitely do not have to use AMDGPU-Pro. I’ve setup working instances on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 with the opens source drivers and do lots of tensorflow on multiple Radeon VII’s.

As far as DaVinci Resolve goes, I was not successful getting the rocm opencl to work very well with it recently, but I do mostly tensorflow rather than video work, so spent virtually no time trying to troubleshoot.