DO I need a UPS?

Microsoft help recommended I get a new UPS. I keep getting an event ID 41 type of error, where there is insufficient power to the kernel. It causes my computer to randomly reset.

Is there other ways to fix this, or I should just go and buy a UPS?

Is it a custom built computer or a prebuilt? Are you already using a USP? If you are using either, can you give us links to the build of the computer and/or a ups model?

I do not understand why an uninterruptible power supply was recommended. Is this your home pc? How old?

Maybe it might just be an old power supply.

Edit: after reading posts below, I now know why a ups is helpful.

How do I find out the model of power supply that I'm using (without opening up the computer)?

If its a prebuilt one that you bought, we can search it online most likely. If you want to give a model of the desktop I can give it a try. Also, are you using a ups already or no?

Here it is -

If you have "dirty" power coming into your house a UPS that conditions the power might do the trick. Hard to nail down faults with out swapping things. It can be a royal pain.

Some checks before you buy. If the fault happens often enough to test for it.
- Run a live CD on any Linux distro and see it is crashes.
- Plug your PC into the power point directly if its not already (no power strips)
- Try your PC in another room on a different power outlet preferably a different circuit to your switch board. If you cant move the PC then settle for an extension cord to a different outlet.
- Open the PC and unplug and reconnect the power connectors to the motherboard. Same at the PSU if there are plugs.
- Make sure the power connector to the PC is fully plugged in and not lose

Now this is no help if the PC only crashs once every few days I know.

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Could entirely be a bad power supply, or bad wiring in your house. You should experiment with power supplies first, as that is cheaper than testing with a UPS.

I mean , if you live in the us and are using grid power , chances are your power company is providing decent electricity to your house.

I'd also say just check the power supply first as the computer is reading the DC power that the power supply is providing , not the ac power coming out of the wall.

A UPS is always a good idea IMO. As to whether your AC power is causing your PC to reboot is another issue. If your PC's power supply is failing, under powered, or of poor quality a UPS won't solve that problem. If the reliability/quality of the AC power is the problem then having a UPS condition and provide backup power would help.

There is very little need for a UPS if you're on a desktop machine, unless power shortages are either common or he needs 100% uptime that is. If this was a NAS or home server on the other hand, I'd definitely recommend one.

It is only a 300W power supply. HP and other oem's can use custom wiring and or size PSU's make dropping in a standard PSU very hard. You would have to look in the case to find out. It does look like a full size machine so your probably ok.

So, you're saying that my PSU is fine?

There's no way for me to tell if it uses custom wiring, so I'll just take your word for it on that. If the PSU is the problem, I'm guessing I'll have to get it fixed... somehow. Though I don't know how, if you say it has custom wiring. :l

No, check for my early post. I just didn't want to repeat myself.

Its a full size case from what I saw. Good chance it is a standard PSU in there. The checks I listed earlier are all free and simple to do before you need to look at doing more.

The event ID 41 has nothing to do with getting a UPS or not. Simply it means your computer didn't shutdown properly.

The PSU(Power Supply Unit) will convert AC line power to DC for your computer components(motherboard, HDD, GPU...etc).
The Kernel is the core of the OS, it is not a hardware piece.

So basically if your computer isn't shutting down properly, that could indicate many issues. Assuming at worst cases, it could be your PSU that needs to be replaced.

Now, As for the UPS(Uninterruptible power supply), Do you need it? Do you get power outages in your area?
Basically it is just a backup power.

I have UPS for my PC because the place I live at, we get power outages all day long. I wouldn't recommend it unless you really need it.

Your PC is randomly rebooting as you're working on something or works properly as usual and after you've shut it down and powered it back on you're getting those kind of warnings?

Those HPs can fit any standart issue PSU. A friend of mine got a 520W Seasonic when he added a dedicated GPU to his system.
Internals should similar to this:

Is this a software company blaming the hardware in their "help"? It sounds on the surface that they should have said "go ask the hardware manufacturer" rather than suggest an external solution.


A UPS/power conditioner is always good, but watch out for one compatible with your psu.

Let me take a step back and ask if UPS and PSU may have been mixed up.

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The problem is that my computer randomly resets. I don't shut it down myself.

How often does it happen ? Is it when playing a game or just anytime ?