Do I need a modem still with my router?


I ran into a dilemma. I have little money. Bought a router for my family's new Internet service, time warner, we had version for a while but they keep adding charges that don't belong there. I asked this in a similar topic but did not get this solved. Any suggestions? Post links if you like.

If you router is not a modem then you need a modem.

This is the router I got.

Would this do?

You still need a modem.

A modem is simply a device that takes one interface medium and its communication methods and converts it to another medium and how it wants to communicate.

A router is simply a device to co-ordinate traffic and send it in applicable directions. A router also takes on other rolls these days like DHCP and basic DNS along with a few other things.

On a typical router, (for home use) there are 4 RJ45 ethernet ports and then one additional one that is marked as WAN. This is a port that goes to a modem (to convert the signal). However if you do not have this 5th port there will likely be an ADSL (RJ11) connector or a co-axial cable type. These routers will have modems built into them and are typical of all-in-one solutions provide by ISP's.

Basically, if all the ports are the same.... yes you need a modem.
If it has something like adsl (and you are using an ADSL line) then no you do not.
(Plus in America I believe it is illegal to sell Co-axial cable modems)

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Thank you. That is some good information.

Thank you. Any recommendations for $50-60?

Well it depends on what kind of internet connection you have. I've only had ADSL connections so if it's anything else I won't be able to recommend anything.

I used to work for charter so i can give a farly good recommendation as i was replacening shit modems all the time.

You can get this one>

but i highly recommend this one its cheaper then the other Motorola because of the max bandwidth of under 200Mbps but should be fine for you. >

just make sure that they are compatible with TWC i know the second one is because i have its "bigger Brother" and im currently on TWC.

what you would do is plug one of these into the router and the coax from twc into the modem.

Thank you. You replied to my other form. I looking at my expenses and now I do not think I can own a modem at the moment. limit was 100 and the router costed $80. Is TW's modems crappy like from 5 years ago? Forgive me If I ramble, I hAve insomnia :)

It depends on what they try to install. It "should" at the very least do the speed you pay for. It just depends on of you get a reused one or an actual new one on whether they will have to come back and fix it later. Charter had a very high test rate so most of our modems were safe to reinstall but idk how twc does there process.