Do I need a cpu cooler for post

I'm water cooling with a custom loop and using a 2011 cpu.

IT dosent come with a stock cooler and i want to test the componites in post befor instaling the blocks

do i need a cpu cooler for post?


YES!!  It scares me that you're doing a custom loop and don't know the basics.

Invest in a test cooler if you're going to be doing custom loops and stuff. It's good practice not to take any unnescesary chances with your hardware.

Happy building (:

Is this your first build?

yeah, your gonna need a cooler if you dont want to cook your system


Do not power your system without a CPU cooler. You are risking damage to at least $280, for a 3820. If you are doing a custom loop, you will need a cheap cooler for when you are preparing your loop, designing it, etc. Invest in a cheap one, like a 212 Evo, or forgo a custom loop entirely.

I don't want to insult you, but if you didn't know this simple fact, I'd seriously consider not going custom cooling, and instead using a high-end air cooler.

It's better safe than sorry, rather than burning out your parts, you could spend 25 dollars on a cheap air cooler or even use the stock cooler then do post.

If its just a test boot the stock cooler will do fine its not like you are going to be over clocking or putting it under heavy load...


edit:oh im a bit slow today its really hot yeah just have a coupld of your friends get around and blow on it you should be fine...but really get some cheap 20 dollar cooler and test boot with that...or just dont test boot and yolo swag that shiznet

Socket 2011 CPUs don't come with a stock heatsink.