Do I have enough power?

I asked this before and someone said that it would be enough. I am still not confident about it so was wondering if it is enough and if you could tell me why it is enough. Its not that I am doubting your opinions I just want to be more knowledgeable about it.

If you guys could help that would be awesome, the psu having enough power is the last thing before buying all the parts.

If you're not overclocking, you should be fine.

I would like to overclock would I be fine if I didn't mess with the voltage at all?

To be honest, I'd say 450W is pushing it. It might work, but you do have some power hungry parts there and 450W wouldn't give you much room to upgrade in the future. Overclocking without adjusting voltage would be difficult.
Personally, I'd go with a bigger PSU. Maybe 550W.  

Yea, I would also say that you should get a minimum of 550 w PSU for that build, especially if you want to overclock.

I would normally get a more powerful one the omly problem is that the case only fits small form factor (sfx) psu's. 

Unless  there is a way to mod the case to fit a regular size psu? Is it possible?

I wouldn't mod the power supply, unless you know what you're doing.  Try another case, like the Fractal Design Node 304?

Silverstone is working on making a higher watt sfx psu but it is going to be a while, with that setup you'd be happy without overclocking. If you really want to overclock if you can wait up to a year max you'll see a higher watt sfx power supply hit the market.

i7 3770k and a GTX680 ^

I would say you are fine with the 450W. Both the 680 and the 3770k was overclocked in the video.

you're fine because a 4960x at 4.2 ghz and a 780ti only draw 372 watts


Ok cool so I will be good when it comes to power.

What are your thoughts on waiting untill the boardwell processor and nvidias 800 series cards considering that I could only use reference (blower style) cards in the case?

That all depends on the system you are on now and how happy you are with it. The good news is 20nm is on track for the gpu's anyones guess on intel and the 14nm desktop process.