Do I Buy This GPU? im building a new pc should i get this because it is on sale

Not to be a brand whore but...from what I have heard PNY and Galaxy are to be avoided.

Solid nVidia brands are MSI, EVGA, ASUS and Gigabyte (they're okay, but known to be voltage locked in some cases).

I'm with Forex...I cant comment on the quality of PNY but I've never once seen them recommended. I kinda thought they stopped making cards. HiS also makes good cards

Yea I kinda wanna buy this too.. is PNY that bad? 

nowt wrong with that card, PNY from what I have heard are good solid brand, they make nowt exciting  but good reliable cards, don't expect much of an overlclock on it.

There are plenty of reviews over on Newegg, which has it for $369.00 btw...

this card over a windforce 7950? 

I haven't had any problems with my PNY GTX 580. You can get a mild OC out of it, but nothing too drastic. I was looking at this 670 for the build I am doing for my Brosef. This is the best card I can get for the price point.

windforce 7950 will be better for sound, cooling and Oc'ing