Do Headphone Amplifiers Differ In Quality?


I'm basically asking the question above. The reason for this is that I just got a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's and after looking into headphone amps I decided it would be best for me to get one.

However, i want to ask if they differ in quality because I was thinking of getting the Fiio E06 but after rummaging through the attic I found some audio equipment that was left to me by my father, including what turned out to be the internals of a small headphone amp complete with his notes for what goes where.

It won't be a difficult task to get it up and running and I may even make it its own enclosure. But again, will the fiio offer better quality or will they just both do the same, after all, they both amplify and using common sense there shouldn't be any quality difference.

Thanks in advance :)

cant answer that with anything other than maybe

There could be differences, but unless an electronic engineer (or somebody else good with circuits) looks at both, it's hard to say.

I do know that "desktop" amps are typically a little bit better than a "portable" amp. I'd take and O2 amp over a cMoy style amp pretty much any day of the week if I was just looking for sound quality.

Thanks, I may as well try it out and see how it does. I have been looking at the o2 for my desk but I just don't have the budget and I want something I can take with me, it is something for the future though.


The cMoyBB from JDS Labs is another option to the Fiio.