Do H100i's fit loose on the LGA 1150 Bracket?

do they? I see some people say it's very loose and they need some kind of wash stands for it.

I don't want to go tinkering a cooler and messing something up :p

Thanks for no help guys :D

Just give people time to respond, you shouldn't always expect an immediate answer.

On topic, I've never heard of any problems like this. And these coolers supposedly worked fine on all the other 115x sockets and I'm certain Intel hasn't changed the height of the IHS, its pretty much been the same since 1156. And even if it is a problem, it just means the springs aren't long enough and you just get some washers to put in between the spring and the hold down plate, simple fix no disassembly required

would the washers ever fall out or anything?


I have a h100i and it does just fine on a 1155 socket I have.

No, the reason washers exist is to keep screws from pulling through the material, cause pressure on the threads to keep the screw from unscrewing itself, and in some cases space out parts. Just make sure you get washers that aren't too big (in terms of inner diameter and outer diameter) or too small, you also want standard flat washers not any sort of lock washer.