Do any of you PC Gamers play 7th Gen consoles?

Wanting to buy a PS3 for XMAS with a few exclusives mainly due to the lack of interest in PC Games as a whole as all i'm waiting for is Dark Souls 2 in March for PC. I'm just wondering what you have and if you can relate to my previous thoughts.

Nope. Only consoles I have are a SNES and a PS2 that don't get used. There's a PC game for everyone, if you can't find one for you, then you're not looking hard enough.

Anyway, since this will be mainly talking about consoles, this really shouldn't be in the PC gaming section.

EDIT: But since you're asking PC gamers, then I don't know where it belongs.


I'm sorry I was vague. I play PC Games alot yes but there is nothing coming out in the next 5 months that appeal.

Haven't owned any console since fourth generation. Won't be getting any in the future. 

sold my 360 a while ago to help pay for a better GPU.

Might be a PS4 for Kingdom Hearts 3, if it isn't for PC, or if there isn't a emulator.

I only use consoles for exclusive titles.

We have a Wii, PS3, and Xbox360 here. All of them are modified to play ISOs from an external hard drive.

Can I go to your Pirate Ship? jk. Thanks for the answer.

Drop Halo, Play Half Life

I have a wii, but I only really use it to play mario kart with the family.

Halo is an Xbox Exclusive. I completed Half Life 10 years ago and Half Life 2 back in 04.

I'm keeping my 360 for the sole purpose of playing Destiny. If the game ever comes to PC though, that box is going away for ever.

I had a PS3 but I gave it to my niece for Xmas last year, she wanted one. There is a Wii in the living room, we use it for Netflix. There aren't any exclusives that I really want, unfortunately.

i play ps3. i will be getting a ps4. im a big Fighting game fan. console is currently where it is at if you are in to fighting games. to be fair, PC has Street Fighter 4,  just got King of Fighters XIII, and also just got Skull Girls. there are some PC exclusives too, like Melty Blood. However, i love Marvel vs Capcom 3, and that is not on PC. the new Guilty Gear Xrd is also not slated for PC.

coupled with Kindgdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny being console exclusives, it warrants buying one, for me. (im pretty sure none of those will make it to PC. Bungie basically just announced they have no interest in putting resources into a PC version of Destiny. if it does come, it will be a long while after initial release) 


I came from the 360 world and am getting a PS4 in addition to my gaming rig that i have now and my 360 just because of my friends who do not see the light of PC gaming. (We are seniors in high school and they are still fan boys. xD)


I am a huge Halo fan(I literally have every Halo game there is, I have purchased some twice in the normal and limited version lol) So with that said I have an Xbox 360.

3DS count?

Got both 360 & PS3.

Will probably get both XBONE and PS4 too... I do enjoy a quick bash @ console games when friends come over for a few drinks.... and i'm a sucker for exclusive titles.