Do any of you have tattoos?

in a google image search this is what i got.

the reddit thread was of no real help. not enough comments

No thats who I thought it was I follow her on instagram. I really like her stuff

i like the pain

As long as it is not the other way round...

Makes sense though. Wouldn't want to ink some drunk bloke. People do weird stuff when they're drunk and I heard people also tend to bleed more, when they're drunk. Thinner blood and everything, which might make it more difficult for the artist to draw.

can you describe it to me?

I have always wanted one but I'm too indecisive. I would think its cool for a few days then not want it anymore. 

Yes i can.

I want a tattoo from my horse (the head)   with her name under it in nice letters.

my current employer doesn't allow obvious tattoo's... when I graduate college next spring and move into my field I'll be getting a Chi-Rho on the inside of my forearm on one side, maybe growing into a sleeve of christograms, a sword with ribbon wrapping around it and a quote of some sort on the ribbon on my other arm. I haven't settled on a quote yet...

after I get married I'm getting a 6mm black band tattooed on as my wedding ring, that way if i need to look serious I can put on long sleeves and my favored 10mm ceramic band and look completely un-inked.

Also- for the indecisive ones- InkJet Temporary tattoos! print, apply, keep for one month, then decide if you're gonna make it permanent or not.

I've always wanted a tattoo but I don't know what I'd get. Maybe I'll wait till e-ink tattoos are brought to market, then I can have what I want when I want.

Awesome tattoo man really like the design.

4 year necro. Thread is locked.