DNS service for a web and games server?

I was thinking of using the http://www.zoneedit.com (or other) DNS service in order to host my own web and game server due to the fact that I have a dynamic IP. 

Im looking to host some source games (like Gmod) for up to about 12 people, including myself,  and a web server for a yet to be created site. This would all be run from my home on my home internet, if i find the speeds are not sufficient, I will move it to my friends house where they have fibre, so up speed is not an issue.

The only problem i see would be my ISP not allowing for servers to be run on their connection.

The question is, is this a good option or would it be better to get a dedicated server?


Thanks for any help



Well first question before you go battering a game server on your connection. Is it fast enough and is there a data cap. Game servers eat data for fun!

Anyways, as for updating a dynamic DNS look at ddclient. You can use this with some free domain providers (I think .tk supports it)


You can go to http://www.noip.com/ which will give you a dynamic updating IP with a domain name so that you can have people log in by domain instead of IP.