[DNS] My new .tech domain will resolve to the server IP but won't load the page

Hi guys,

Just as the title says. Running Apache on a Digitalocean server with a static public IP. I know the page is running fine by going to the destination IP. However, the .tech domain won't work. The strangest part is that the .tech domain will resolve with nslookup and return the right server IP. Traceroute also looks okay, ending at the destination server perfectly.

How could this name resolve correctly but not work in a browser? Really stumped. Any help appreciated.

whats the domain exactly? also whats your apache conf look like? since you are able to connect use the direct ip i assume then that your firewall rules are set to allow traffic on the correct ports

It's jawn.tech. Chrome seems to have issues loading it. Works in other browsers. Seems like chrome is defaulting for https://.

so use letsencrypt get your ssl cert opened up, enable the appropriate mods for apache and get https running

right just saw that tutorial, thanks :)