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DM/WM/DE combo for Linux gaming?

for years ive used sddm/Openbox/Plasma for playing games, but KDE no longer supports using Openbox’s WM. Kwin’s performance is just too abysmal for me to accept.

what combo of DM/WM/DE do you use/recommend?
im looking for something with the performance of Openbox but the convenience of KDE/Plasma (or close to it), equal-to or superior to what i had before KDE dropped support for Openbox’s WM.

i am aware of the KDEWM environment variable, but that doesnt give quite the performance i want and quite a few features still dont work.

Debian 12 Testing/Bookworm
AMD Navi10
Linux 5.16-rc2.

You could try lxqt. Version 1.0.0 was just released this month. They support Xfce. Not sure about Openbox though.

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seems easy enough to use. performance leaves a bit to be desired though.

Well, you can configure it to use Openbox. I’m not sure how that would work since it defaults to Xfwm.

i did that. helped a little, but still underperforming. maybe ill try with different DMs.