DL380p G8 backplane problems

Hello… bought HP D380p G8 with 8x LFF + SID on top, but HDD backplane was damaged then, seller returned with wrong 12x LFF backplane and not responsible
Anyone have idea ?, Is there any way I can fit 12x LFF backplane with 8x LFF casing ?, any other idea ?, I need to buy 8x LFF backplane ?
Please help… I am very desperate, I have 24 servers with wrong backplane not just one…

Pictures? I would assume you would need major modifications to make a 12xLFF fit in an 8LFF case. Just sell the 12 and buy an 8

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I can’t sell it for now, do you think I can use Mini SAS SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 extension, then use backplane cards, in external case ?, or it is better to buy 8x LFF backplane ?, and do you know where to buy it (used or refurbished) ?, any other idea ?

You 100% can do that, issue probably would be making custom pin power cables

Ebay has a ton of backplanes for various things on sale

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Yes… but I can’t find it on ebay for 8x LFF, do you know parts code for this backplane ?, for power cables maybe I can use modified 8pin PCIe or 8pin CPU cable extension

Look for a manual on HPs site

Note when you see the 1 SFF per 4 drives you can generally hook w/e up to them SAS3 etc. its basically a direct cable. (if it has a built in expander not true)

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Oh… dl380p g8 it’s have 8x 3.5" slots (only 2 rows, each rows have 4 hdd), not 8x 2.5", like 12x 3.5" but have SID and accessories on top of it…

Back in the days when the Gen8 was still current I have done all kinds of storage bays conversions. It can be done. It’s just a matter of getting the right parts - the cage, the backplane, the power cables and in some cases - the top cover.

But today I would not waste any time and money on this ancient platform.
I mean it made sense to spend extra $200 on a $1000 system to get the storage config you wanted. It does not make any sense to spend $200 to fix a $150 system.


Do you think this will compatible with DL380p G8 ?, on this site is said for DL380p G8 but another site said it’s for DL380e G8

Help me… please…

Yes, but I have bought two dozens of DL380p G8, that’s really made me frustrated…
I see there is one site sell it only for EUR 4.19 per pcs… do you think that’s fraud ?

It’s been too long for me to remember any specific part numbers and I have no idea about EU prices. All I can tell you is that Gen8 -e and -p cages are the same.