DL380p G8 Backplane Modification as storage system like HP 3PAR


I have unused DL380p G8 12x LFF 3.5" Backplane, Included with Blank DL380p G8 Case, and I want to use it as storage server like HP 3PAR system…

Can I use 2m SAS Cable and use secondary SAS card in DL380p G8 to connect to this external case ?, and do you think I use 633538-001 SAS Card ?, can I also use DL380 G9 SAS Card like 727252-001 ? do you have any other SAS card suggestion ?

Main problems is where I can connect Backplane power cable ?, I can use 660709-001 Power Cable then cut it and join standards AWG 18 cable, but how can I power this backplane ?

For fan, do you think I can reuse DL380p Fan 662518-001 + 662520-001?, how can I power those Fan ?, or it is better to use Noctua Fan ?, any other idea ?

Can @wendell help about this ?

Can anyone help ?