DIYnamic DIYscussions: what are you working on?

Post projects, self-builds, and wacky shit that you're working on that don't deserve an entire blog/thread.

Right now I'm recabling and repairing a pair of Beyer DT 880 Pros that decided to lose internal connection on me:

I've got a 4 pole jack, plan on recabling this to accept balanced TRRS or mini XLR input, and converting the existing cable to modular.

I love beyer drivers but their build quality and serviceability are garbage


Made some nice progress tonight on one of my projects...


are you making a tiny lazy susan?

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haha, nope... but is a bearing for one...

I'll make a full post when it's done, but here's some more teaser content for the same project.


oh shit, is this gonna be a monlithic sonosub? how many liters and what drivers?

1.21 gigawatts!

haha, no, but a very good guess! It's actually a fancy light switch for my Hue lights.
8" across, outer wheel controls brightness while inner the color temperature.

I already have it working but need to finish assembling it.

I'm hoping against hope that this is for a room and not a PC.

are you just direct attaching the slab to a beefy pot, or using some sort of wipe switch/hall effect voodoo?

DIYnamic reporting in!

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well shieeet, got any cool projects?

I got some youtube stuff in the pipe. Not DIY though. But I did just get a soldering kit and looking for some ideas. Thought I'd come here; do you got any?

there's all sorts of trouble you can get up to. what kind of kit you got laying around?


Nothing fancy, but it should get the job done.

making a quiver out of the leather from a old couch i "skinned" years ago. currently stretching it to remove any wrinkles before i cut it. going to stretch and clamp it to a piece of scrap wood then drill holes for the paracord then cut out the pieces with a circular saw, and sew it all together. eventually going to start making arrows when i get a lathe. will consider making my own bows from scratch when i have a place that i can leave a few pieces of yew for years at a time and not worry about it or need the space.

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Shoot, you could always build yourself some quality speakers or make some IoT free home automation gear, sky's the limit

It has a wifi chip so the pc isn't involved.

It's continuous rotation. It uses an encoder wheel with optical sensors to get the rotation.

You could always 3D print a better housing...


At some point I want to make my own mouse but I haven't a clue on where to begin with the electronics.

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garbage to brittle/flimsy garbage isn't exactly an upgrade.
It's still a cool project though.

ball mouse would be pretty simple. afaik they're just like 3 rotary encoders, 3 tac switches and some generic discrete logic.

I would want it to be new kit. So, either a laser or an optical sensor. I also don't want to just "re-shell" an old mouse. Think high level prototype that is production ready. It would just use generic usb drivers so that you could plug it in to any system. I would also like to have it be wireless with the option of plugging it in to charge and transmit data.