DIY wooden pc case (current progress V-0.6)

Hey guys Fawkes here,


this is my second post about my progress with my pc,



see the first post here:


so lets continue.


i had to make a hole to get a screw trough another hole (holeception)

like you can see here

here is also a view with the bottom panel wich i just finished building

and here you can see why i needed that screw 

the inside so far, also a lot of sanding sawing and annoyance later...

i ran out of wood too :( but i have more :D

put a back panel on that case bro, dont show your crack.

i dont like this but it has to do.

put a bottom on there, and you are almost done WHAT? NO NOT YET, i still have a lot to do.

look at all those beautiful screws 

the top front back???? 

i think this is the back..

put some feed on there, they are giving me a hard time though.


end of V0.6




Thats nice and all,

Just going to point a few things out, i understand this is a work in progress so these are just some obvious pointers what you are propably aware of.

  • You are missing air intake
It is also a good idea to have a dust filter before the fan
  • If you are going to use an aftermarket cooler, you will have-to remove the base to install it


its finished and has it all taken care of