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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


so ghetto +1

Did you sand the bottom to make sure it has nice smooth contact?


and so begins the real test
35.4c at start. psensor deb files didn’t to install and same with 60% of its dependencies dunno but not worth my time at the moment.


it was near mirror when I got the block came in a 2 set, plus I’m using a graphite thermal pad for TIM so it needs to make good contact or it does nothing really


39.5c after 30 minutes on the loop cpu stress test


The Pentium 4 ht 3.0Ghz has a higher tdp than a ryzen chip at 65 watts so success! for short term load now a 3-24h load


after the 3hour 100% load the loop got to 43.5c after a hour and a half and was stable at that temperature. the only thing is the rad took a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time to cool down


I wonder if the alphacool Passive radiators would perform close to this. :thinking:


@VanillaWaferX with a tiny digging i found this and the cpu he used is close but pushed hard and because the surface area is greater it will cool down way faster,


Interesting. 2005 too. Cpu blocks have changed alot since that NexXxos he’s using.


I will probably end up with 3 or 4 of these rads before my project is done and a better pump and fittings. I intend to use this once i am done too so a case build may follow. mostly aluminum brackets and rivets nothing fancy .



the loop may change to a a mix of dual and single pass so the water moves from the rads to the reservoir


Maybe put the radiator tubes vertical instead of horizontal.
That way you can use the passive upward stream of warm air.


Probably for the best. It’s a napkin drawing subject to change


Ive been lurking in here for a while. Just wanted to say that I love what you are doing with this project. Keep it up!


Cool. I should cool a G5 this way lol.


So the work to the next step has begun. I’m mostly waiting on a new water block to continue on to testing with a ryzen 3 1200 on gigabyte b350n itx. finding the water block was really important for this due to the fear of mixing metals. I will update more soon on getting better formatting for the information I have gained and making it easier to read.


Here is the mobo and cpu (ryzen 3 1200), was a craigslist score the ram was bad “untested” 50$ bundle … all that was wrong was the ram! I will be putting 2x4gb ddr4 3200mhz when I get to that point.


That’s the type of computer deal we all would kill for.


Apple g5’s came liquid cooled in some configs so this woudn’t be hard really