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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


g1/4 is bsp 1/4 just a british standard


? talking about the neck of the rad not worried about g1/4 tapping


well im lost on the discussion now cutting off the hose tube on these rads due to the water rated aluminum it gets shavings everywhere and splinters it would be a leaky mess


No leave the part were in normal operation the hose would attach to the rad (the neck coming off the rad) thread the inside of that tube, plug that hole with a threaded cap that threads in, in that cap thread a g1/4 connection that goes through the cap to allow flow to standard g1/4 fittings. You could add a few gaskets to prevent leaking


so basically what i did with barbs and flex seal


flex seal need not apply so you can actually do maint


well the barbs are sealed now to the rads


yeah downfall of doing it that way, you could probably unseal them just would be a pita


well this is project flex seal …


I have more of a feeling the project got the name since that was the solution not that it started out with that name


the flex tape and seal were bought just for this project so i dunno about that


Once the loop is full gravity does all the work. just moving fluid. Still a tall case water cooled is a thing.


Just saw your pics in the Lounge and thought “this looks cool, is there a separate thread for this?, please let there be separate thread for this… THERE IS A THREAD!! Yeaaahhh” :heart_eyes:

Sorry, didn’t have anything to contribute. I just get excited for computer related dyi stuff, case modding and cooling related to be exact. Will lurk this one.


its like Xmas morning things from china are finalllllyyyyy getting here those water fittings have been to Co back to china to Washington dc to china to Co finally to me took 3 months to get fittings… and the psu is onyl half the psu this is the Dc-Dc psu i still need the switching psu before i can power it up


now waiting on the ac-dc psu … and the 5.5mm barrel


It is magnificent!


the lighting makes it look super bad


It looks absolutly amazing!

Like those systems someone says he knows a guy who is friends with the brother of someone who did something like this!
I am a bit envious to be honest…


started this in august might be ready by January and worked on till about the summer. i feel after i finish this by august next year ill be working on a much nicer hard line system