DIY Solder Fume Extractor

I do a fair bit of soldering and the fumes are not something I like breathing in. I hate to say its been well over a decade of huffing solder fumes so now I put an end to it. Here is my current version made from what I had lying around.

The base is made from Adam's Ready Board from the local dollar store. I use this foam board to make planes and end up with pieces left over. I just cut the holes freehand to allow enough air.

The actual fume extractor is made from a 92mm fan I had laying around. It had a metal cover that I flipped over and used as a barrier between the fan blades and the carbon filter. The carbon filter is aquarium supply I bought on Amazon. The standoffs are also from Amazon basics and are M3 threaded. The top plate is .062'' aluminum plate from K&S metals that can be had at hobby stores or Ace Hardware. The switch is some super small 1.5A/120V on/off switch I had laying around. The two connectors are JST variants that connect to my 260mAh and 210mAh 7.4V lipo batteries that I use for my micro foam planes.

I used some basic hobby tools to make this. Straight edge, dremel with cutoff wheel and routing bits, x-acto knife, cordless drill and drill bit set.


I always try to hold my breath. This is much better!