DIY/Practice Soldering Projects?

My end goal is to make a monitor out of an iPad display. But it's been years since I've used a soldering iron. My Dad gave a soldering iron and a bunch of solder the other day, and I just finished building my workbench. Now, what are some cheap soldering projects I can try out as practice? Any ideas/sources for this kind of stuff you guys are familiar with?

Velleman, Conrad, etc... cheap, well documented, fun, easy.

Broken electronics, especially older computer electronics with cheap capacitors. Often these are only broken because a cap blew or some connecting piece broke slightly. I have a 9600 GT next to me that is clearly only broken because 4 caps went bad and blew their top, easy to practice soldering both for removal and installing soldered on parts.

Thanks, bookmarked :P

I was thinking about picking up some broken video cards on eBay for next to nothing and trying to fix them. Are schematics (I'm guessing this is what I would need for component info) usually available for most graphics cards out there? I'm assuming I would need to know what type of capacitors to use.

If all you have is an iron and a bench, you're going to need more, and you're going to need a new iron for any quality work if it's a low powered cheapo POS.


Wet sponges are absolutely useless, so you'll need one of these to keep the tip clean


You'll need angle clippers, and a solder sucker, and desoldering braid for desoldering work.


Use good ventilation too cause solder fumes are toxic.

Tho I loathe google, it's pretty decent for finding schematics. Google images.


I was expecting all of that stuff to be expensive but I was wrong thanks for the links! And I have a good industrial quality iron. It's a Weller WES50.