DIY PC Test Bench style case

So I really like the idea of having a testbench style pc. I love the way it looks, I want to show off my hardware etc. Of course the first thing you do when you want something you look to see if you can buy it. Well I've shopped around a lot now and I have not seen the perfect test bench. They all seem to be really big and bulky or too small and cheaply made and none of them have the rad support that I'm looking for.

So I decided to build my own :) and after months of designing this in my head I made a simple cad drawing of it to show other people what I'm visualizing.

It's pretty simple but I'm not very good in solidworks so it doesn't have all features that I'm planning to implement when building it.

I Bought some material for it this week and I cut it up today. Here is the base of the skeleton it's 19" x 12.5" using 6063 and aluminum 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8". I know the cad drawing only shows sheet metal panels but I changed the plan by going with a skeleton on the inside and welding that all together then bolting on the panels with anodized screws. I think it's better this way, it allows me to change out the panels if I ever need to do so in the future.

This project will be epic and it will take a long time for me to get all the materials and finish building it since I can only work on it on the weekends. tell me what you guys think!

Id like to see more of this. i've wanted to build a pc case for a while so this will give me ideas :D

For the record:
This too: and this (this allows for standard nuts to be used, rather than the annoying t-nuts)

This stuff is amazing for building almost anything. It can be reused and reconfigured by just unbolting something.

I look forward to this too, since I was thinking about doing this over the summer!

(I might be able to help a little with Solidworks if need be, I have some experience)

Cool. I kinda see test benches as a little bit more open though. But hey, I dunno how this thing will look once finished.
Good luck, cheers.

Yes I know of extruded aluminum. I work with extruded aluminum frames at my job and I really wanted to stay away from it. The test bench that I'm building is more of a show piece than a functional case so aesthetics matter very much I find extruded aluminum frames to be an eyesore. I work in a fab shop that has every tool imaginable so going the route that I am is no issue at all, extruded frames won't make anything more easier.

thanks for the suggestion though VXAce and I will let you know if I need any help in Sw

I really need help finding anodized blue motherboard standoffs, I can't find those anywhere.

Ahh, lucky you. I agree, extruded aluminum is rather ugly.

Not sure about any sort of anodized standoffs, I only know of bulk purchases from mcmaster-carr. Maybe powder-coating standard ones?

Thats a good idea as long as it fits in with the other blues

sorry this build is taking so long. it's on hold at the moment because i first needed to make a desk that could actually fill all my stuff on it. that desk is done, here is the link